Episode Fact File: Season 29 and 30: What We Know So Far! (Part 8: 2017 #4-2018 #1) (Update: January 19th) [Contains SPOILERS]

Season 28 has recently ended and season 29 is building up nicely, with season 30 flowing now too! Today, in collaboration with almost all episodes revealed. The Springfield Shopper, Wikisimpson‘s blog, we’re going to analyze what we know so far of Season 29 and 30! Follow us right after the jump!

The following article contains the sixth part of the news, with all the news that come out in the second part of 2017. To follow the other posts click here: 2015, 2016 part 1, 2016 part 2, 2016 part 3, 2016 part 4 and 2017 part 1, 2017 part 2 and 2017 part 3!

Note: This article will be updated with more news as they come out!
Attention: This post contains SPOILERS about future episodes!

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Hi Y’all!

Mikezilla is a well known and sometimes beloved writer of TSTO related subjects. His main outlet is TO.uk* where he is the most prolific blogger and ran the weekly BattleOfThePremiumCharacters with Otto as the final winner, and a new edition of BOTPC is on the way.
Some of you might know him from TopixExtra. He is also on Twitter.

It is always fun to read Mikezilla’s posts, so enjoy!


With the addition of the level 43 update giving TSTO lovers a chance to participate on Twitter, I have searched high and low and even across continents, to compile the best of the best, to share with you in this edition of The Top 5. Without further adieu, here is The Top 5 #TappedOutShmoikel Tweets:
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Yellow Subterfuge (Episode Spoiler)

Hello Tappers, here we are with some information on this week’s episode ‘Yellow Subterfuge’. We have already gotten an episode tie-in from the episode and we’ve posted everything you need to know about the episode tie-in. But what about the episode itself?

The last time I did a post about an episode spoiler one reader commented about how come TopiX does not talk about the episode after it has aired like other TSTO sites? Well the reason for that is because we concentrate more on the game than the show and we do not want to give away the episode for the people who haven’t seen it yet, as some viewers won’t see the new season until later on in the year or even next year!

Wikipedia Information:

After Principal Skinner promises the school that the most well-behaved among them will get to ride in a submarine, it’s damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead as Bart sets course on becoming a model student. Meanwhile, Lisa suggests to a cash-strapped Krusty that he sell the foreign rights to his shows.


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What characters and buildings could be added in the future?: The Italian within Springfield.

Hello Tappers!

This post was supposed to be out on Halloween but I had a lot on my mind and I totally forgot! Well don’t worry the post is here and the posts will still be posted weekly every Thursday/Friday. A lot of tappers may not know what this post is about due to just discovering TopiX, well “what characters and buildings could be added in the future?” is my speculation and idea posts, these posts are a bit of fun and these are just showing my ideas on the possible things we could expect in the future of the game. Some people may be asking, why not post this on TSTO TopiX Extra? Well this is the one speculation post I wanted to keep on TopiX since these posts got me a place as a writer here on TopiX, more information here.

Last week when I announced the return of the series I left a clue for what to expect from my return post and that was the theme of Italy. If you are a follower on Facebook or BBM of the site you may all ready know what I’m talking about as I released some early information on the post. I’m also trying out a new layout for the new series as I will be creating fake unlock messages of the characters that I think will appear in the future of the game. Please post feedback on the new layout of the return of “What characters and buildings could be added in the future?”:

One of my favorite characters in the show is Sideshow Bob and this post will be about Sideshow Bob and his Italian Family and why I would like to see them in the game in the future.

Sideshow Bob has been in our game since the start but we have never been able to interact with him apart from tapping him when he escapes from prison. Sideshow Bob would be an amazing character in the game and here are some reasons why I think Sideshow Bob should be added to the world of Tapped Out:

NOTE: I have not added any buildings with Sideshow Bob as it would be great to see him escape from prison into your town, then as soon as you tap him he becomes a permanent character in Tapped Out!

NOTE 2: This is all complete speculation! This is NOT a spoiler post.


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The Krustyland Shuttle Bus

Hello everyone,
A lot of people have been asking “Why has my Krustyland Shuttle Bus changed?”. In this post we will be looking into the main feature of the Krustyland shuttle bus. Here is the Krustyland shuttle bus guide:

The Shuttle Bus is a decoration that unlocks the Krustyland area and is used to switch between Springfield and Krustyland. After reaching level 20 and receiving the “The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt.1” quest it can be purchased for $50,000. As more buildings are built-in Krustyland the appearance of the shuttle changes. The size of the shuttle bus is 7 x 7 and does not payout any money.

The Krustyland shuttle bus can be placed anywhere in your town but can not be rotated. People have been asking about the Krustyland shuttle bus changing in their town and every time you increase your Krust-O-Meter to a certain point the bus changes as your Krustyland is becoming more popular with newer rides, decorations, ect. You can find how your Krust-O-Meter works here. And other information on the Krust-O-Meter can be found on our Krustyland page here. Now here are the change’s that your shuttle bus goes through:

1.First you start off with a standard shuttle bus and the level of your Krust-O-Meter should be between 0.0% – 2.0%

2.The first upgrade of your shuttle bus is when all you have reached 3.0% in your Krust-O-Meter. This upgrade give’s you a rain shelter and bright colors are added with the trash can gone!

The last update of your shuttle bus is when you have reached 5.0% in your Krust-O-Meter. This is the luxury shuttle bus and It’s very impressive! You will see this upgrade when you are reaching the end of your Krustyland and you are on the last few rides that need to be built.

I hope this helps you all and it looks like we have almost covered every part of Krustyland. The Krustyland shuttle bus can not be moved in your Krustyland, like the Krustyland entrance, But I like where it is placed in Krustyland but I would rather move my entrance the most to the center. All we need now is some cars to fill up our empty car park. Thanks everyone and It looks like that we have covered every aspect of Krustyland, Thanks again-Nathan.

Premium Showdown:Should I buy the Eyeballs of Death or Mt. Krustmore?

Hello Everyone, and I’d thought I would try to get as much posts out to you as possible tonight. This post is about the main question asked as a premium player in Krustyland, What premium ride should I purchase? Now we have two main ride’s that are premium in Krustyland and they are both great attraction’s in your Krustyland. But are either attractions worth the cost?

First we have The Eyeballs of Death:

Tapped Out Eyeballs of Death.png

Cost:100 Donuts

Building Time:6 Seconds

Task:Barley Avoiding Lawsuits

Require’s:The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 5
Level 20

The Eyeballs of Death is a great purchase, it increase’s your Nausea rating and earns 90 tickets and 30 XP, Every 12hours. Bart, Lisa and Comic Book Guy are the only characters who can ride the Eyeballs of Death and earn 126 tickets and 105 XP. The other advantage the Eyeballs of Death have is the desire to have a matching set. If you’re going to eventually build a Scratchy themed ride as part of the normal quest line, wouldn’t it make sense to compliment your park with an Itchy themed ride? Next we have Mt.Krustmore:


Cost:150 Donuts

Building Time:6 Seconds

Task:Defying Laws of Gravity

Require’s:The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 5
Level 20

Now Mt.Krustmore also increase’s your Nausea rating and earns 120 tickets and 40 XP every 24hours. Homer, Kearney, Milhouse and Nelson have tasks at Mt.Krustmore and earn a decent amount of tickets.

If you had to choose one of these attractions, the better deal would be the Eyeballs of Death. Not only is it 50 donuts cheaper than Mt. Krustmore, but you can collect on it twice a day. So in one twenty-four hour period (providing you log-in to the game and collect the reward twice in one day) you can earn 180 tickets and 60 XP.

Additionally, the Eyeballs of Death is an 8h character task, as oppose to Mt. Krustmore which is a 24h character task. This means you can send Bart, Lisa, and Comic Book Guy to this ride three times in one day. Basically if you manage your characters properly you can collect nine times in one day with the Eyeballs of Death, and with Mt. Krustmore you can only collect four times.

Both Attractions look very nice in your Krustyland but in my point of view I would go for the Eyeballs of Death as it’s a great bargain. Hope this helps you make your decision if you are still stuck on wondering which to buy. Thanks, Nathan.

Credit to feelingblind, An amazing writer on his own site. You should really check out his site. He does great posts included with polls! 🙂

Walkthrough Part 2 (From Cletus’ Farm to the Van Houten House)

Hello everyone and this is the Walk-through Part 2. So, in Part 1 we got to Cletus’ Farm. Part 2 takes us all the way up to the Van Houten House:

1. Slack-Jawed Yokel Pt. 2 Plant Tomacco – and then, when it’s done, harvest the Tomacco

2. Apu Plus Eight Apu feeds the Octuplets (1 hour)

3. The Mysterious Brown House Pt. 2 Apu relaxes for a while in the Brown House (making him the second character to find a use for the Brown House – there’ll be many more!)

4. Chillin’ With the Box The Brown House action continues as Homer uses it to watch TV again

5. Hey Whittle, Whittle Cletus does some whittling (1 hour)

6. Adventures in Flanders-Sitting Lisa babysits Rod and Todd (8 hours)

7. Crop Share You need to grow and then harvest Silvertongue at Cletus’ Farm

8. The New Evergreen Terrace Pt. 4 Lisa prompts the building of the Purple House ($1100 and 4 hours)


9. A Well-Earned Nap Homer oversleeps for a powernap (4 hours)

10. Workaholics Anonymous Apu work an 8-hour shift at the Kwik-E-Mart

11. Book Worm Lisa read a book again (and this won’t be the last time!)

12. Made with U.S.D.A Letter-Grade Beef Pt. 1 Homer and his post-nap appetite prompts the building of Krusty Burger, which unlocks Krusty ($2,600 and 12 hours). Keep Homer free as it finishes.

13. The New Evergreen Terrace Pt. 5 Lisa prompts the building of the Blue House ($1800 and 12 hours)


14. Made with U.S.D.A Letter-Grade Beef Pt. 2 Once Krusty Burger has finished building, Homer eats there (30 minutes)


15. Hedge Your Bets Lisa will ask you to place a large hedge

16. MyPad Homer plays with his MyPad again (it’s a short quest – only 45 seconds – and it may come up earlier or later)

17. Thrillhouse Pt. 1 Lisa and Homer interact, which prompts you to build the Van Houten House ($3800 and 24 hours) and unlock Milhouse.


I’ll continue the walkthrough in another post, taking you up to unlocking the Control Building along with the sinister Mr. Burns!

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