5 years of tapping!

In this days, the game is celebrating its 5th anniversary and the staff of TSTOTopix would like to celebrate with you all!
On Febraury 16th, 2012, the game was released on iOs for the first time ever, in France, followed closely by other countries in Europe, to be released then on March 1st in the US. 1 year later, on February, 2013, the game was also released on Android on the 6th and on Kindle on the 24th. The game has come a long way, with a total of one hundred and forty-four content updates, as of the Destination Springfield, Football 2017 and Valentine’s 2017 update. To more and more years of tapping! HAPPY BIRTHDAY The Simpsons: Tapped Out! Don’t forget to check our post with all the dates of the game since day 1!


The Six Years of The Simpsons: Tapped Out: The Dates of the Game!

Six years have passed since the release of the game. Lots of dates, updates, tie-ins, events and offers. Join us right after the jump for the complete list of all major dates and updates in this six years of tapping (individual patches are not included). This post will be updated every new update is released.

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Walkthrough Part 18-20 (From Springfield General Hospital to Springfield Buddhist Temple)

Here we are with another walk-through and by the end of this walk-through you should be on Level 27 just unlocking Lenny and Carl. On our last walk-through we saw Dr. Hibbert build Springfield General Hospital and complete his tasks at the Hospital and In this post we will continue with the arrival of Smithers and finish with the arrival of Lenny and Carl. If you missed our last walk-through on Level 24 it can be found here. For all our walk-through’s from Square one visit our Level walk-through page here. So I guess all I have to do is hand it over to Mr. Burns’s:

Executive Lackey Pt. 1 Burns should have been free at the end of the previous level so he can tell Homer to work at plant (16 hours – keep Burns free as he finishes)

Executive Lackey Pt.2 Wanting a rich man’s house, Burns initiates the building of Burns Manor ($75,500 and 24 hours to build, unlocking Smithers – but keep Burns free as he finishes to be safe)

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