5 years of tapping!

In this days, the game is celebrating its 5th anniversary and the staff of TSTOTopix would like to celebrate with you all!
On Febraury 16th, 2012, the game was released on iOs for the first time ever, in France, followed closely by other countries in Europe, to be released then on March 1st in the US. 1 year later, on February, 2013, the game was also released on Android on the 6th and on Kindle on the 24th. The game has come a long way, with a total of one hundred and forty-four content updates, as of the Destination Springfield, Football 2017 and Valentine’s 2017 update. To more and more years of tapping! HAPPY BIRTHDAY The Simpsons: Tapped Out! Don’t forget to check our post with all the dates of the game since day 1!


The Six Years of The Simpsons: Tapped Out: The Dates of the Game!

Six years have passed since the release of the game. Lots of dates, updates, tie-ins, events and offers. Join us right after the jump for the complete list of all major dates and updates in this six years of tapping (individual patches are not included). This post will be updated every new update is released.

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Poll: The Bi-Weekly Updates?

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to touch on the recent updates and the speculation that EA is planning to release an update every 2 weeks. For the past month or so we have had a quite a few full updates and levels intoduced into our games. Here are the dates of the recent updates:

06/28/13 – 4th July 2013 Update.

07/15/13 – Level 31 Update.

07/25/13 – Level 32 Update.

07/31/13 – Krustyland Update.

08/15/13 – Level 33 Update.

08/29/13 – Level 34 Update.


As it seems from the above schedule we are frequently getting updates and it seems, without confirmation, that EA is planning an update, roughly, every 2 weeks. Based on this “theory”, the next update should come on or around September 12. Based on the theory above and a LOT of speculation, I have created a tentative schedule of what I hope the upcoming releases are and when. Keep in mind this is all guess and speculation and do not count this info as written in stone. With all of that being said, here is my guess of the schedule of the next few updates. Again, this is just for fun and until, if ever, we receive more definitive info regarding update schedules, do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT accept this an official release.

09/12/13 – Level 35 Update.

09/26/13 – Season 25 Episode 1 Tie-In Update.

10/03/13 – Halloween 2013 Update.

10/14/13 – Level 36 Update.

Please remember that this is just my view on the updates we could see in September/October. If EA are telling the truth about fortnight content then we should see a lot of updates which is both good and bad. But post your views below in the poll and comment section about the Fortnight content. Here is a small preview of the first episode of season 25 and could give you some Idea’s of what we could see in the game.


Other episodes that are airing this season are “The Man Who Came to Be Dinner” This was supposed to be the season 24 finale and release Kodos in an episode tie-in. There is also the traditional Treehouse of Horror which would bring the Halloween Update. There is also “Four Regrettings and a Funeral”, which is based around Kent Brockman getting a Job at Fox News. I hope these episodes give you some idea of the possible episode tie-in updates we could have in the upcoming months. I honestly hope this is true about the Fortnight Updates, But what are your views? Please have a vote in the poll and have your say in the comment section below. I have one more post to complete from our good friend Flinster42 then I will be back to work and only post rarely. Thanks again-Nathan.



UPDATE:The results of the poll will be posted on the 9th of September, This will make a gap between the possible update of Level 35.

Walkthrough: Level 32 – Bread and Putter

I realize we have been releasing walkthrough’s starting from the beginning and this may seem an odd choice and out of order but this is a request by one of you. Also, I’m trying to appease readers of all Levels and a good portion of us are on or around this particular level and quest. We are doing our best to get the entire game covered as well as all of the informative posts.

If you need a particular walkthrough for a level and do not see it up yet please use the Tapped Out Discussion page to send a request and we will get it up as soon as possible. And without further ado here’s the Bread and Putter complete walkthrough.

Once you complete the Rod and Todd quests you will automatically begin Bread and Putter as long as you have Ned free to kick it off.

Bread and Putter Pt. 1

After tapping Ned:

Ned: “Homer, I’m seeing a lot of your children’ influence on my boys. Bart, mostly. Although Rod is starting to wear pearls.”
Homer: “You’re welcome, Ned. Glad we could help.”
Ned: “No, Homer. I’m saying I don’t want my kids to be like your kids. I like them the way they are. ”
Homer: “What?! But your kids are weird!”

Bread and Putter Here

When will Level 33 be released?

When will level 33 be released? We have had our spoilers about level 33 but the Question now is when will Level 33 be released? It’s been two weeks since we got the update of Krustyland and many of us have finished and now getting bored. My guess is that Level 33 will either arrive this week (Thursday or Friday) Or Next week. During the arrival of Level 31, Level 32 and Krustyland, we didn’t have much of a big gap between the updates. So are EA finally listening to us about not enough updates? Then if so we could be expecting level 33 this week!

With Level 33 being confirmed by Tapped Out that could have been an early teaser of what to expect and it could be coming very soon! You can read an article on Level 33 being released here. So what are your aspects on when will Level 33 be released? In my opinion I’m hoping that it will be this week as I have finished Krustyland and I’m getting a bit bored! Let’s hope we get an update soon.