5 years of tapping!

In this days, the game is celebrating its 5th anniversary and the staff of TSTOTopix would like to celebrate with you all!
On Febraury 16th, 2012, the game was released on iOs for the first time ever, in France, followed closely by other countries in Europe, to be released then on March 1st in the US. 1 year later, on February, 2013, the game was also released on Android on the 6th and on Kindle on the 24th. The game has come a long way, with a total of one hundred and forty-four content updates, as of the Destination Springfield, Football 2017 and Valentine’s 2017 update. To more and more years of tapping! HAPPY BIRTHDAY The Simpsons: Tapped Out! Don’t forget to check our post with all the dates of the game since day 1!


The Six Years of The Simpsons: Tapped Out: The Dates of the Game!

Six years have passed since the release of the game. Lots of dates, updates, tie-ins, events and offers. Join us right after the jump for the complete list of all major dates and updates in this six years of tapping (individual patches are not included). This post will be updated every new update is released.

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Sherri & Terri Premium Walkthrough Part 2

Hey friends!

Sorry for the delay with this but here it is nonetheless. We left off with the Twins crying to get what they want and what they want is Milhouse. For those of you who missed or need part 1 click here. Once they finish crying for 16 hours they will receive the next prompt so no other characters need to be free.

The Trouble With Twins Pt. 6

After tapping Sherri &Terri


Twins: “We demand you hand over Milhouse at once! He is a known tattletale and a convicted Knockout cheat.”

“And by harboring him, you seriously jeopardize historically fragile boy-girl relations.”

Bart: “Uh, listen. I don’t think he’ll leave the bathroom. He seems to really love it.”

Milhouse: “Bathroom life is sweet! There’s so much to do! Sink showering, mirror staring, smell smelling…”

Twins: “Ew. I could never spend my nights sleeping on the couch in the girls’ bathroom.”


Bart: “You have a couch in there? I knew it! I knew the girls’ bathroom was nicer than ours!”

You will now be prompted to Make Sherri and Terri Torment Bart for 8 hours ($420, 105 XP) at Springfield Elementary

Bart gets the next prompt, keep him free

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Sherri & Terri Premium Walkthrough Part 1

Hey friends!
Here we are with another premium addition to the game, this time we have Sherri & Terri. They are available at Level 1 for 150 donuts. Although they are 2 characters, they are only 1 whole character according to the game and earn a premium rate. I will be doing the “Should I Spend My Donuts On Sherri & Terri?” soon but for those of you who have already purchased them or are debating, here is the walkthrough that will initiate as soon as you make the purchase.

Screenshot_2013-08-29-13-35-53 (1)

1. The Trouble With Twins Pt. 1

No one needs to be free to kick off this quest as Sherri & Terri will receive the task bubble immediately upon becoming free.  So after tapping the twins:


Twins: “I love that in New Springfield, we’re premium characters.”

“Check out these lame, non-premium boy characters.”

“How I pity their easy affordability. Could they cost fewer donuts? The answer is no, because they cost zero donuts.”


Twins: “To cost less, they’d have to cost negative donuts, which there’s no such thing as.”

“You can’t bake a negative donut. And even if you could, you could never glaze it. Because glaze is positive. Poor, poor boys.”

“Let’s mock them some more, shall we? But using our secret, unbreakable code language so they won’t understand what we say.”

“Switching to secret code language…. now. B-come bin b-Terri. B-do b-you b-read b-me, b-Terri?”


Twins: “B-lou band b-clear, b-secret b-code blanguage b-buddy!”

You will now be prompted to Make Sherri and Terri Use Their Secret Language for 4 hours ($260, 70 XP)


The twins continue on to the next part so no other characters need to be free.

Sherri & Terri here

Poll Results:What are your views on the possible fortnight updates?

Hello everyone, I’d thought that I would bring you out the results early and this weeks poll asked you what are your views on the possible fortnight updates. If you want to read more about the possible fortnight updates please go here. The poll was not open for long but with only 800 votes I thought I would close the poll due to one certain answer reaching above the other two. Now if this is true we could be expecting a NEW update on Thursday! This Poll had a lot of different views and really got you all debating in the comment section. With the last poll I have taken your request to form the results in a pie chart. The pie chart is not formed into percentage but there will be a graph below the pie chart which will convert into percentages. Here are this weeks poll results:


So as you can see most of you who voted are excited about the possible features of an update every two weeks. If you want to see this graph converted into percentage please look at the table below. There has been many posts by myself about this subject including one about Cookie Kwan who we could be expecting in a future level update and that can be found here. There is also another post linked to this about the possible updates we could have if EA are planning fortnight updates and this can be found here with another post similar which can be found here which included the poll. Here is a table of the graph being converted into percentages. Thanks again – Nathan.

Answer Votes Percent
Excited and can’t wait for a whole bundle of updates! 613 77%
I’m undecided. 73 9%
Not Happy! I would rather have spaced out updates! 114 14%

Poll: The Bi-Weekly Updates?

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to touch on the recent updates and the speculation that EA is planning to release an update every 2 weeks. For the past month or so we have had a quite a few full updates and levels intoduced into our games. Here are the dates of the recent updates:

06/28/13 – 4th July 2013 Update.

07/15/13 – Level 31 Update.

07/25/13 – Level 32 Update.

07/31/13 – Krustyland Update.

08/15/13 – Level 33 Update.

08/29/13 – Level 34 Update.


As it seems from the above schedule we are frequently getting updates and it seems, without confirmation, that EA is planning an update, roughly, every 2 weeks. Based on this “theory”, the next update should come on or around September 12. Based on the theory above and a LOT of speculation, I have created a tentative schedule of what I hope the upcoming releases are and when. Keep in mind this is all guess and speculation and do not count this info as written in stone. With all of that being said, here is my guess of the schedule of the next few updates. Again, this is just for fun and until, if ever, we receive more definitive info regarding update schedules, do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT accept this an official release.

09/12/13 – Level 35 Update.

09/26/13 – Season 25 Episode 1 Tie-In Update.

10/03/13 – Halloween 2013 Update.

10/14/13 – Level 36 Update.

Please remember that this is just my view on the updates we could see in September/October. If EA are telling the truth about fortnight content then we should see a lot of updates which is both good and bad. But post your views below in the poll and comment section about the Fortnight content. Here is a small preview of the first episode of season 25 and could give you some Idea’s of what we could see in the game.


Other episodes that are airing this season are “The Man Who Came to Be Dinner” This was supposed to be the season 24 finale and release Kodos in an episode tie-in. There is also the traditional Treehouse of Horror which would bring the Halloween Update. There is also “Four Regrettings and a Funeral”, which is based around Kent Brockman getting a Job at Fox News. I hope these episodes give you some idea of the possible episode tie-in updates we could have in the upcoming months. I honestly hope this is true about the Fortnight Updates, But what are your views? Please have a vote in the poll and have your say in the comment section below. I have one more post to complete from our good friend Flinster42 then I will be back to work and only post rarely. Thanks again-Nathan.



UPDATE:The results of the poll will be posted on the 9th of September, This will make a gap between the possible update of Level 35.

What have you done with your Springfield High School?

Hello everyone and this is another post on the subject “What have you done with?”. In this post we will be looking at TSTO’s latest building “Springfield High School”. The building is unlocked at Level 34 and comes with Superintendent Gary Chalmers.

The building costs $232,500 and by now a lot of you tapped out players will have built the building. So what have you done with your “Springfield High School”?. Mine can be seen below, I have simply placed my high school in the center of four land expansions and added at the side some parking slots with Chalmer’s 1979 _onda parked at the front, along with Robby The Automaton at the front of the school giving everyone a greeting:


I have placed some Iron Railings around the back of my high school along with a beautiful garden scene.This design is perfect for those non-premium players. Hope this gives you some ideas for those who have not yet built Springfield High School. Please post your screenshots of your high school below and they may just be added into the post. Thanks again-Nathan.

I’m loving this one by Dohnuts111 and I love the football pitch (known as soccer in America). I think my High school will be expanding. This is a great way to decorate your high school and it’s now one of my favorites:

Photo 31-08-2013 19 29 23

Here is one from itsyaboidrew. This is a beautiful garden scene and he has placed his parking lot at the back of the school which makes the front of the school stand out more. This is an amazing school and I’d be happy If my son went there:


Check out this one from shoshanna911. It shows that if you have only a little amount of land you can still make it look good. And I’m loving the 3D Chair effect:

2013-08-31 11.26.20

Here is one from embeebee. Has anyone else added their High School near Springfield Elementary School? This looks amazing!:

Photo 31-08-2013 17 47 39

Could Cookie Kwan be on the way?

Level 34 is here and with every update we have another Level Up message, and the full list of the level up messages can be found here. But every character that has appeared in a level update message has always appeared in the game. Cookie Kwan gave us the level update message for this level and the question is, could Cookie Kwan be entering Tapped Out soon? The characters that have appeared in a Level Up message before they arrived in Tapped Out have always appeared in Tapped Out soon after. Here are the characters that appeared in a Level Up message first before arriving in the game:





Now if my theory is right we should be expecting Cookie Kwan between level 35-43. These Level Up messages are giving us a small spoiler of the characters we can expect in the future and with the level updates appearing every two weeks we can expect Cookie Kwan very soon. So what are your thoughts on characters appearing in the level update messages first before appearing in the game? Post your views in the comment section below. Thanks again-Nathan.


Level 34 Overview

It seems as if EA has thrown us another surprise (well more like unplanned) update at us with Level 34. If you ask me I’d like to see one update per week but that’s for another post. Nathan did an awesome job announcing the update and a brief break down of what it included but since I have a minute or so I wanted to get out a detailed overview for the level.

Wow, Superintendent Chalmers and Sherri and Terri!! Who would have thought these would be the next additions to the game?

Actually from an American standpoint, it’s a perfect addition and at a perfect time being that Labor Day was Monday and then a day or two after that school is back in session for the next school year.  Having these characters now is absolutely spot on.  Another good point to make to everyone, too many, who has been complaining about the lack of females in the game, here you go with Sherri and Terri. I know, I know, it’s not Patty and Selma but I can assure you they are coming and in a big way.

So let’s get started on Level 34. In this Overview I will provide you the basics of what or who came with it, prices, pics and basic info. We’re all doing our part to get everything out including the remainder of the Level 33 walkthrough.


Principle Chalmers


Cost: Unlocked upon completion of the Springfield High School

Requirements: Reach Level 34 – Start the “SKINNERRRR?!” Pt.1 Quest

Character Set:  School Workers

Voiced Characters: Yes  “SKINNERRRR!?”

Permanent Tasks: 6, 3 of which require buildings: Springfield High School, Springfield Elementary, All-Night Gym

Earning rate: Standard, he is not premium

Other Requirements: 2 of his tasks require 1 of each of the following: Minnow Pond, Camp Fire

Sherri and Terri (Premium)


Cost: 150 donuts

Requirements: Level 1 – Can be bought at any level.

Buildings Unlocked:  None

Character Set: Kids

Standalone Characters:  No – Unlike Rod and Todd, you cannot buy these separately nor do they have separate tasks.

Voiced Characters: No

Permanent Tasks: 7 tasks, 2 of which require Springfield Elementary

Earning rate:  Premium

Reward:  The character’s jobs earn 50%  cash and XP on all jobs


Springfield High School


Cost: $232,500

Level Required:  Level 34

Note: You do not have to COMPLETE the entire Level 33 quest line. Being that the Springfield Wax Museum and the Sunsphere had no effect of level progression, you must have at least unlocked Eddie and Lou by purchasing the S.W.A.T. Van. That will consider you to have reached the Level 34 content.

Characters Unlocked: Superintendent Chalmers

Build Time: 24 hours/12 donuts to rush

Income Generated: $400, 30 XP every 24 hours

Building Size: 14 X 6 squares

Build Reward: 22500 XP upon completion of the build (1 time reward)

Springfield Knowledgeum


Cost: $379,500

Level Required: Level 34

Characters Unlocked: None. However it does come with a 3 part quest for Skinner and Lisa

Build Time: 36 hours/18 donuts to rush

Income Generated: $135, 15 XP every 8 hours

Building Size: 9 X 12 squares

Build Reward: 37,500 XP upon completion of the build (1 time reward)


Chalmer’s 1979 _onda


Cost: $9800

Requirement: Reach Level 34

Quantity: Unlimited based on player’s desire and financial standing

Size: 5 X 3 squares

Reward: Improves your Vanity rating

Placement: Boardwalk, beach, land

Animation:  No animation but it does have sound when you tap on it.

Minnow Pond


Cost: $4500

Requirement: Reach Level 34

Quantity: Unlimited (see above)

Size: 4 X 4 squares

Reward: Improves your Tree-hugging rating

Placement: Land only. Cannot be placed on Boardwalk or beach or any pavement.

Animation: No

Camp Fire


Cost: $2600

Requirement: Reach Level 34

Quantity:  Unlimited

Size: 4 X 4 squares

Reward: Improves your Tree-hugging rating

Placement: Land only. Cannot be placed on Boardwalk, beach or any pavement.

Animation: Yes

Robby The Automaton


Cost: 40 Donuts (Premium)

Requirement:  None

Quantity: 1

Size: 2 X 2 squares

Reward: 2.00% bonus money and XP to all jobs.

Placement: Land, beach and Boardwalk

Animation: Yes and sound

Aspirational Building

World’s Largest Zirconia


Cost: $5,000,000

Requirement: Reach Level 5

Quantity: 1

Size: 3 X 3 squares

Build Time:  Instant

Income Generated: None

Reward: Improves your Vanity rating

Placement: Land, Boardwalk and sand

Animation: Yes

Well I think I covered everything that came with the newest update. Quite a few new items and characters and the best part is only one item is premium. On the downside to that, the cash items are pretty expensive in my opinion. There will be posts on just about each new addition individually and whether they are worth buying and their history. Much more to come on this latest update my friends so stay tuned!! Happy Tapping!!


How do the level 34 buildings and items affect the Conform-o-meter?

Level 34 added a couple more buildings, Springfield High School and the Knowledgeum. It also added Chalmers’ 1979 _ONDA, a minnow pond, a campfire, Robby The Automaton, and the World’s Largest Zirconia. Here is how the Conform-o-meter ratings are affected by the new items:

Building or Item Rating Points
Springfield High School Obedience 10
1979 _ONDA Vanity 600
Minnow Pond Tree-hugging 400
Campfire Tree-hugging 300
Robby The Automaton Vanity 10
World’s Largest Zirconia Vanity 10,000

Yes, the Knowledgeum doesn’t contribute anything to conformity. Very surprising.

With the new level arrived new requirements to maximize your Conform-o-meter ratings. To stay 5 stars you need the following points at level 34:

Rating Points Amount Changed
Indolence 430 +10
Consumerism 240 0
Tree-hugging 15,815 +1090
Vanity 25,420 +1550
Obedience 250 +20
Gluttony 276 0
Righteousness 141 +7
Socialism 1254 +84

The good news from this is that Consumerism and Gluttony didn’t rise, but the other categories did.

For more information about the Conform-o-meter, see here. For more information about the other Conform-o-meter ratings and other technical details in the game, see here.