5 years of tapping!

In this days, the game is celebrating its 5th anniversary and the staff of TSTOTopix would like to celebrate with you all!
On Febraury 16th, 2012, the game was released on iOs for the first time ever, in France, followed closely by other countries in Europe, to be released then on March 1st in the US. 1 year later, on February, 2013, the game was also released on Android on the 6th and on Kindle on the 24th. The game has come a long way, with a total of one hundred and forty-four content updates, as of the Destination Springfield, Football 2017 and Valentine’s 2017 update. To more and more years of tapping! HAPPY BIRTHDAY The Simpsons: Tapped Out! Don’t forget to check our post with all the dates of the game since day 1!


The Six Years of The Simpsons: Tapped Out: The Dates of the Game!

Six years have passed since the release of the game. Lots of dates, updates, tie-ins, events and offers. Join us right after the jump for the complete list of all major dates and updates in this six years of tapping (individual patches are not included). This post will be updated every new update is released.

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Level 36 Overview.

Hi guys.

So, level 36 has arrived with a kick and a punch from Kearney to help his fellow gang. And what kind of Simpsons would it be without two of the toughest bullies in town. Level 36 mark the arrival of the well wanted bullies, Dolph and Jimbo.

But it seems that this isn’t enough though. It would appear that EA wants us to build more Kwik E Marts. With consumerism already high enough as it is, a new building brought with it 10 consumerism points however, it was raised another 12.

So let’s get down to business with the level 36 overview.

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Premium Guide: Level 36 – The Springfield Museum of Natural History

As always with a new level there is usually a premium character and a premium building offered as well. The premium building offered in Level 36 is the Springfield Museum of Natural History. The big question is, Should I buy it or leave it alone?. Here I am again to break this item down and do my best to help you decide. First, let’s take a look at the history (no pun intended) of the building in the show, then we’ll cover all of the game info, pros and cons. 


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Level 36: Running With The Bullies Pt. 13-17 Quik-Tap Guide


I didn’t intend on making this a 3-part release but as always, family comes first. Anyhow I think I like the name “Quik-Tap Guide” for these stripped down walkthroughs. Just might be a keeper. We left off with Legs and Louie leaning into the bullies for what happened at Luigi’s. For those of you who missed the first 2 parts of this walkthrough, part 1 can be found here and part 2 here.

And we continue:

Running With The Bullies Pt. 13

Started by: Nelson Head

Characters required: Bart Image

Buildings required:

Barts Treehouse (Level 12)

Task: Make Bart Hide from Bullies for 24 hours (Cash image600 & 150 XP Image)

Running With The Bullies Pt. 14

Started by: Dolph Head

Characters required: Dolph Head  Bart Image  Lisa ImageMartin Head

Buildings required:

Springfield Library (Level 12)   Simpson House(Level 1)


Make Bart Get Help from Lisa

Make Lisa Help Bart

Make Dolph Get Help from Martin

Make Martin Help Dolph                         all tasks for 12 hours (Cash image420 & 100 XP Image) EACH

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Level 36: Running With The Bullies Walkthrough Stripped Pts. 8-12

Here is the 2nd part of my stripped down walkthrough for our latest update, Level 36. For those of you who missed the first release you can find that here. Once Dolph and Bart finish vandalizing the Kwik E Mart, we now pick up from there.

Running With The Bullies Pt. 8

Started by:  Nelson Head

Characters Required: Dolph Head

Task:  Make Dolph Act Out Aggression for 12 hours (Cash image420 & 100 XP Image)

Running With The Bullies Pt. 9

Started by: Dolph Head

Characters required: Bart Image

Buildings Required:

Luigis (Level 18)

Task: Make Bart Mess with Luigi’s Recipe for 8 hours (Cash image275, 70 XP Image)

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What Changed with the Level 36 Update?

In addition to the new buildings, decorations and characters, quite a few things had tweaks in the game with the addition of Level 36. Everything from adjusting earnings on buildings and characters to where some of the decorations can be placed.

Here are the changes that I’ve found:

  • The Pink House, Willie’s Shack, Luigi’s and The Java Server all changed from earning $110 and 11 XP to earning $120 and 12 XP.
  • The Springfield Library switched from earning $200/20XP to $220/22XP.
  • Lard Lad’s Donuts changed from earning $125/13XP to $135/15XP.
  • Aztec Theatre switched from earning $200/20XP to $200/22XP.
  • The House of Evil earns 50XP when built rather than 45XP.
  • Barney’s Bowlarama changed from earning $105/11XP to $150/17XP. Now it has premium earnings!
  • The Spooky Tree can now be placed on pavement in addition to grass or the beach.
  • Milhouse‘s 10 minute task to Find Puppy Goo-Goo changed from $15/5XP to $17/5XP. This brings it in line with other characters’ 10 minute tasks.
  • The Rich Texan‘s 3 hour task to Visit the Track now earns premium, at $200/55XP.
  • Nelson‘s 30 minute task to Shoot Car with BBs now fully earns a premium rate at $60/15XP.
  • Brockman‘s 12 hour task to Record Eye on Springfield changed from $400/100XP to $420/100XP, in line with other non-premium 12 hour tasks.
  • Duffman‘s 2 hour task to Promote Duff at Stadium changed from $150/40XP to $175/40XP.
  • BurnsFruit BatMan skin’s 4 hour task to Fly Like a Decrepit Superhero changed from $200/55XP to $260/70XP.
  • Legs and Louie‘s 3 hour task to Conduct Private Business in Public (at Asia de Cuba, a premium building) changed from the non-premium rate of $135/35XP to $200/55XP.
  • The Springfield Pet Shop changed its earnings from $90/15XP to $135/15XP.
  • The Ancient Burial Ground can be placed on pavement in addition to grass.
  • The code for the movement of Burns while he’s doing his 12 hour Eliminate Ghosts task changed. He should move around now rather than staying in one place.

Prices on level 30-35 buildings also dropped.

I covered the conformity changes in the post here. If you notice anything else that has changed, post a comment.


How do the level 36 buildings and items affect the Conform-o-meter?

Level 36 adds two buildings: the NoiseLand Video Arcade and the Springfield Museum of Natural History. The only decoration added is the Stolen Bumper Car. Here is how the Conform-o-meter ratings are affected by the new items:

Building or Item Rating Points
NoiseLand Video Arcade Consumerism 10
Museum of Natural History
Indolence 10
Stolen Bumper Car
Vanity 150

Disappointing that the premium Museum of Natural History affects Indolence, rather than Consumerism or Obedience.

With the new level arrived new requirements to maximize your Conform-o-meter ratings. To stay 5 stars you need the following points at level 36:

Rating Points Amount Changed
Indolence 450 +10
Consumerism 252 +12
Tree-hugging 18,115 +1170
Vanity 28,670 +1650
Obedience 260 0
Gluttony 276 0
Righteousness 157 +8
Socialism 1434 +90

Even though we got a building that adds to Consumerism, the rating went up 12 points.

For more information about the Conform-o-meter, see here. For more information about the other Conform-o-meter ratings and other technical details in the game, see here.


Level 36: Running With The Bullies Walkthrough Stripped Pts. 1-7

I’m going to try something new here for this update. Instead of waiting to get all of the text and delaying many of you I’m going to do a basic stripped down walkthrough that only entails who to leave free and what the tasks are. I will still be doing the complete walkthrough but this is just a reference post. As I said in the announcement post for this Level, Nelson needs to be free to kick off the main quest line for Dolph. 

To activate Level 36 you must have completed either For the Love of Marge Pt. 1 OR Up in Smoke Pt. 11 from Level 35. Until either of those is completed you will not be prompted to begin the new Level. Once you have reached that point Nelson will get things started.

Running With The Bullies Pt. 1

Started by: Nelson Head

Task: Build NoiseLand Video Arcade

Noiseland Arcade

Cost: Cash image247,500

Build Time: 24 hours or 10 Donut Currency

Reward: 22,500XP Image

Unlocks: Dolph 

Dolph Unlock

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Level 36 is here!!!!!

Hey friends!!!
A brief announcement that Level 36 has just arrived!! In it is Dolph and the Noiseland Arcade among other items. We will be covering all of it ASAP. Stay tuned!!!! NELSON STARTS THE QUEST.


Nelson starts the quest. Keep him free. Here’s what the update includes:



The main quest for Dolph is 17 parts and the premium quest for Jimbo is 7 parts. Not a huge amount of new items but it’s perfect! Been waiting for these guys for a long time. We’ll be covering all aspects if this as soon as we get through it all. Enjoy!!!

Happy Tapping!