What Changed With the Destination Springfield Takedown and Server Updates? (March 7th)

The takedown update for the event has been released as a store update, removing the event. A second update, server side, removed the bugged Tourists Bundle for the moment. As most of you know by now, every update not only brings new content but also changes to many other aspects of the game. From prices to appearance, task lengths to requirements, any part of the game is subject to change and many changes affect every player. Follow us right after the jump for the list of all of the changes.
A new teaser description was also added:
The Osaka Flu has been cured and all but the most romanced (or kidnapped) of tourists have left Springfield for home. While Quimby demands FEMA money to clean up after the flood of foreigners, you’re free to wonder what will be next for your town. Military misfires? A covert convention? Or maybe a visit from a fake French fop? Stay tuned for new characters, buildings and stories coming soon.

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The 4th Year of Tapped Out: What’s Your Favourite Event of 2015?

Last year we proposed a few polls on what was your favourite updates in the first three years of the game. We’re now asking you what’s your favourite event from 2015!
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3 Years of Tapped Out: What Are Your Favorites? (Polls closed)

Hello fellow tappers,
It has been 3 long years, but on February 17, 2015, the game will have marked its 3rd anniversary.
What have been your favorite events, tie-ins, deals and levels in the last 3 years?
Let’s find out today with 6 polls. Choose your favorites and let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!
Update: The polls will close January 19th at 2pm GMT when we’ll create a new poll for 2015’s events!
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The Characters and Costumes Of The Simpsons Tapped Out (Update: County Fair)

Hello fellow tappers, recently it was requested to post the complete collection of characters of the game so here we are.

I’ve included all characters collections and mentioned all costumes (that don’t appear in other characters collections). Enjoy. There’re a lot: 97 with 2 just added by the County Fair event, and 2 unknown ones added by the Spring Cleaning and the Destination Springfield Takedown updates.
All costumes pictures has been added now as well as the item they’re associated with. Characters in red means the character or costume is not associated with it.
Characters in blue means the character is an NPC, with no jobs.
Thanks to SurlyCodger at AHQ for the list of items associated with the characters.
Notes: There’re a lot of images in the article. Beware of your internet limit.
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What Changed with the Clash of Clones Event Update?

In addition to the new items added with the Medieval Times Event update, there were a few other changes to the game (note: I’m only looking at already existing items, items specific to the Event will be covered elsewhere):

  • Superintendent Chalmers’ 8-hour task to Catch Some Dinnerrrr and Judge Snyder’s 24-hour task to Take A 24 Hour Vacation are now marked so they can’t use the Minnow Pond if it is occupied.
  • The character group KrustylandGoers has been removed from characters descriptions. It wasn’t used in level 43.
  • Eddie and Lou no longer have 4-hour tasks in Krustyland to Ride The Viking Boat.

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Quick Update on Pokey the Guinea Pig (Correction)

I made an error a few days ago when I announced the ending of the St. Paddy’s/War of Art updates. I stated that Pokey was no longer available for purchase and after checking the new update files it appears as if the War of Art quest and offering of Pokey will end on April 15. That gives those of you who have yet to finish the War of Art quest or buy Pokey another 2 weeks. Keep in mind though that you must complete the quest for Pokey to become available for purchase. I apologize for the error and take pride in getting the most factual information out to all of you. It really makes no sense that they would take the Strupo statue and leave Pokey but those are the ways of the almighty EA.

Also before I go on, this is my 200th post here at Topix and I look forward to the next 200 and beyond. Thank you all for making this site what it is today.

Pokey Unlock


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Last chance to purchase limited time items!

Hello Tappers!

A quick reminder that both St. Patrick’s day and the episode tie-in will be ending with-in the next 24 hours. The St. Patrick’s Day update and ‘The War of Art’ episode tie-in will both end during tomorrow from 8:00 GMT. There is no exact time when they’ll be ending as they never turn out to end when they are supposed to.  However it will be sometime during tomorrow. This post will include some last chance warnings along with answers to some questions the last time I did a post like this.

Last Chance to Purchase Premium Items:

This is your last chance to purchase the premium items from the St. Patrick’s Day event and the episode tie-in as with them being limited time they might not return, especially with the episode tie-in items. Some of our should I buy posts can be seen linked below.



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War Of Art Quik Tap Guide

Well it looks like I’ve fallen a bit behind on posts as I have 4 that I have meant to released. Sorry. I prioritised them on game information and will get them out as soon as I can.

Even though this post is going to be short as there are not many parts to dialogue for episode tie ins. It’s still necessary as I know people like these and they come in handy. It will also be a good resource for later times. So without further ado, here is the Quik Tap guide for our latest episode tie in: War Of Art.

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War Of Art Episode Tie In Full Walkthrough

Well players, as you are probably aware, a new episode tie in is upon us! And may I say that this is the best episode tie in we have ever received. Don’t believe me? We got:

  • A FREE building
  • A NEW *premium* and *tiny* character
  • A NEW *premium* decoration

Seriously, I love the tapping of the little critters and I love the humour but good storyline. I loved it so much that I thought maybe it’s my turn to do my first walkthrough for the site. Hopefully it goes well!


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Should I Buy?: Pokey the Guinea Pig

Hello Tappers!

The latest update has hit and there is always a premium item for players to decide whether to purchase or not. One of the premium items in this update was Pokey the Guinea Pig! This post will provide you with information on this limited-time non-playable character.

Game Information:

Name: Pokey

Cost: 40 Donuts

Pokey Purchase

Unlock Message:


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