Where Did They Come From? Tap Ball, Soccer Cup 2015, Tailgate and Springfield Games Edition

Have you wondered where all of the items from this update come from? The characters, the buildings, the decorations? Right after the jump we’ve the complete list of all the items in the Tap Ball, Soccer Cup 2015, Tailgate and Springfield Games events and where did they come from!
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Treehouse of Horror: The Halloween Event Story

Halloween is coming in probably next week, no set date has been revealed (or hidden) by EA yet, and we’ve had 3 Treehouse of Horror events since the first year of the game release in 2012. Let’s go down the memory lane just after the jump to discover what happened in those 3 events.
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What Changed with the June 23rd, 24th and 25th Updates?

The first ever Tap Ball and World Cup 2015 event is now live and in full frenzy mode. As is the case with any update, a number of changes are typically made to other parts of the game within the game’s files. And as large and content-packed as the update itself is so is the many changes. To see the complete list of changes, follow us right after the jump!
To see the changes in the June 30th and July 1st updates click here.
To see the changes in the July 3rd update click here.
To see the changes in the July 7th update click here.
To see the changes in the July 9th update click here.
To see the changes in the July 15th update click here.
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The Characters and Costumes Of The Simpsons Tapped Out (Update: The Buck Stops Here and “Haw-Haw Land” episode tie-in)

Hello fellow tappers, recently it was requested to post the complete collection of characters of the game so here we are.

I’ve included all characters collections and mentioned all costumes (that don’t appear in other characters collections). Enjoy. There’re a lot: 105 with 1 just added by the The Buck Stops Here and “Haw-Haw Land” episode tie-in updates, and 2 unknown ones added by the Spring Cleaning and the Destination Springfield Takedown updates.
All costumes pictures has been added now as well as the item they’re associated with. Characters in red means the character or costume is not associated with it.
Characters in blue means the character is an NPC, with no jobs.
Thanks to SurlyCodger at AHQ for the list of items associated with the characters.
Notes: There’re a lot of images in the article. Beware of your internet limit.
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Flowers in the Simpson’s Attic/Trivia Question (UPDATED!)

Here we are again friends! I said before there’s SO much to cover with this event. But this is a challenge we at Topix are taking with pleasure. I just realized that we only briefly mentioned the addition to the Simpson House with this event and Nathan posted the first day’s prize but we never really got fully into “What is going on in the Simpsons Attic?”

Once you finish part of the main quest line called “The Ghost in the Machine-based App” and have successfully built the Gypsy Fortuneteller Shop you will officially begin the event. A lot of options open at this time and one of them is a new addition to the Simpson House, the Attic. Tapping on the house, you will see this:


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The Lard Of The Rings

Hello everyone!

We have finally reached the day for the airing of the Treehouse of Horrors XXIV episode! Not only is it the day for the show, it is also the day we all get the chance to win the Strongman Homer costume. For the past 4 days there have been items hidden in the ghosts which lead up to and are required to win the costume. Collecting all of the items and answering a trivia question from the show will award you Strongman Homer. Mike has covered the items and the Simpsons Attic as well as what the question will be and the answer for those of you who will not be able to watch the episode here. We have had the fortunate opportunity to find the quest line for Strongman Homer and I will provide it for all of you.

Strongman Homer in my opinion is the best character costume of this year’s Halloween event. I fell in love with the title “The Lard Of The Rings”. Here is the amazing walk-through for Strongman Homer with some even more amazing animations:

The Lard of the Rings Pt. 1


Strongman Homer: “Greetings! I am a circus strongman, the 13th most popular sideshow at the circus.”

But the guy who eats glass is retiring soon, so I’ll be moving up the list.”

I have the strength of Hercules! And like Hercules, I have been tasked by the gods to perform Twelve Labors.”

Unlike Hercules, I’ll probably only get through five of them.”

Help me achieve my First Labor: impressing rubes with a feat of strength!”

Your first task is to make Strongman Homer Impress Rubes with His Strength. The task takes 12 hours and he will continue the next part of the quest.

The Lard of the Rings Pt.2


Strongman Homer: “What will be the second Labor of Homercles? If I can earn the gods’ favor, they will grant me a boon…”

Perhaps a leotard that doesn’t bind up in the crotch.”

Apu: “Strongman, I have an eight-headed hydra that will take all your strength to defeat.”

Strongman Homer: “*Gasp* You mean… the octuplets?!”

Apu: “Yes! My kids broke into the bulk Halloween candy and now they’re going crazy in my store on a total sugar high.”

Do whatever you must. As a loving parent I ask only this: keep the windows closed so I don’t hear them screaming.”

Your next task is to Make Strongman Homer Battle Apu’s Octuplets. The task takes 60 minutes.

After the task is complete:


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