5 years of tapping!

In this days, the game is celebrating its 5th anniversary and the staff of TSTOTopix would like to celebrate with you all!
On Febraury 16th, 2012, the game was released on iOs for the first time ever, in France, followed closely by other countries in Europe, to be released then on March 1st in the US. 1 year later, on February, 2013, the game was also released on Android on the 6th and on Kindle on the 24th. The game has come a long way, with a total of one hundred and forty-four content updates, as of the Destination Springfield, Football 2017 and Valentine’s 2017 update. To more and more years of tapping! HAPPY BIRTHDAY The Simpsons: Tapped Out! Don’t forget to check our post with all the dates of the game since day 1!


The Six Years of The Simpsons: Tapped Out: The Dates of the Game!

Six years have passed since the release of the game. Lots of dates, updates, tie-ins, events and offers. Join us right after the jump for the complete list of all major dates and updates in this six years of tapping (individual patches are not included). This post will be updated every new update is released.

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The 4th Year of Tapped Out: What’s Your Favourite Event of 2015?

Last year we proposed a few polls on what was your favourite updates in the first three years of the game. We’re now asking you what’s your favourite event from 2015!
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How Do the ___________ Items Affect the Conform-O-Meter? Multi-Update Guide

With all of the craziness that the holiday season brings, (by holiday season I mean October to January according to the stores in my area) we sometimes get lost in our real world responsibilities like families, jobs, etc. And sometimes we just get behind, which is the case with our Conform-O-Meter posts. We’ve missed a few updates and instead of posting them one by one I’m going to catch up, right here, all in one guide.

conform2According to my records we are missing everything after Level 45 so we’ll go from there and by the end of this will have covered everything up until Phase 2 of the current Christmas event. If you’re new or newer and would like to learn what the Conform-O-Meter is and what it does please see our post here. For more information about the other Conform-o-meter ratings and other technical details in the game, please check out our S-Files Page full of technical info on the game here.

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3 Years of Tapped Out: What Are Your Favorites? (Polls closed)

Hello fellow tappers,
It has been 3 long years, but on February 17, 2015, the game will have marked its 3rd anniversary.
What have been your favorite events, tie-ins, deals and levels in the last 3 years?
Let’s find out today with 6 polls. Choose your favorites and let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!
Update: The polls will close January 19th at 2pm GMT when we’ll create a new poll for 2015’s events!
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Bye, Bye Birdie! Next Update Preparations

Well friends as of this writing which is December 2, 2014 @ 8:00 am EST, the battle between the Puritans and Vegan Natives has come to a peaceful end, the turkey has been cooked, eaten and served for leftovers and the third installment of the Tapped Out Thanksgiving Mini-Event has left the building.
I sincerely hope everyone got a chance to grab any or all of the limited-time goodies, but if you didn’t I’m pretty sure we’ll see it all again next year (unfortunate hint-hint EA!, stop rehashing over and over!)


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Thanksgiving 2014 Kwik-Tap Guide

Hey friends! Hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving is gearing up for a pleasant day of food, fun, football and Fff-drinks, sorry couldn’t keep the F-train going. And for those of you who do not celebrate Thanksgiving, we here at Topix hope you have a pleasant day as well and enjoy virtually celebrating it anyway. A little behind as usual so I’m giving you the Kwik-Tap Guide of the entire Thanksgiving quest line. This way at least everyone knows, who to leave free, which activates when, etc. I’m going to get right into it so follow me!



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Thanksgiving 2014 Overview

Okay friends, the third edition of the Thanksgiving min-event is now upon us as well as an episode tie-in update for this Sunday’s brand new episode called Covercraft on FOX. (11/23/2014). One thing to note about this update is that ,inevitably, the Christmas event is right around the corner,yaay! Anyhow, as usual, I am here to bring you the rundown of what new, or old for that matter, stuff this event has brought to our virtual world’s. I apologize for not getting out our usual speculation post for Thanksgiving but now that it’s here, no speculation required. Follow me to see the Thanksgiving 2014 goodies!!


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What Changed with the Thanksgiving/Covercraft update?

Along with the new characters, buildings, and decorations which arrived with both the Thanksgiving update and the Covercraft episode tie-in update, there were a few additional changes worked into the game:

  • Four new character groups were added: Regular Male, Regular Female, Premium Male, and Premium Female. These are used to send groups of characters to various tasks in the Covercraft episode tie-in quests.
  • The sound file HOMER_JOB-GOOD1.caf was changed from playing when Homer gets assigned a good job to a bad job. This is the “D’oh” sound, which always seemed out of place when he said it for a good job.
  • This update added the “Heimlich Machine”, one frame of the animation of which, now altered, was found in the Halloween 2014 event.

That’s all I spotted from perusing the changes, let us know if you spot anything else. 🙂