Where Did They Come From? County Fair Edition

Have you wondered where all of the items from this event come from? The characters, the buildings, the decorations? Right after the jump we’ve the complete list of all the items in the County Fair event, and where did they come from!

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Episode Fact File: The Last Traction Hero

The Simpsons come back after a week pause, for this Sunday, December 4th, 2016, Fox aired “The Last Traction Hero”, the 9th episode of Season 28 and the 605th episode to date. This Episode Fact File will recap the episode with pictures, video clips and more. Get the scoop right after the jump!

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Episode Fact File: Treehouse of Horror XXVI

The new season of The Simpsons continues and this Sunday, October 25, 2015, Fox aired “Treehouse of Horror XXVI”, the 5th episode of Season 27, and the 579th episode to date. This Episode Fact File will recap the episode with pictures, video clips and more. Get the scoop right after the jump!

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Premium Showdown:Should I buy the Eyeballs of Death or Mt. Krustmore?

Hello Everyone, and I’d thought I would try to get as much posts out to you as possible tonight. This post is about the main question asked as a premium player in Krustyland, What premium ride should I purchase? Now we have two main ride’s that are premium in Krustyland and they are both great attraction’s in your Krustyland. But are either attractions worth the cost?

First we have The Eyeballs of Death:

Tapped Out Eyeballs of Death.png

Cost:100 Donuts

Building Time:6 Seconds

Task:Barley Avoiding Lawsuits

Require’s:The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 5
Level 20

The Eyeballs of Death is a great purchase, it increase’s your Nausea rating and earns 90 tickets and 30 XP, Every 12hours. Bart, Lisa and Comic Book Guy are the only characters who can ride the Eyeballs of Death and earn 126 tickets and 105 XP. The other advantage the Eyeballs of Death have is the desire to have a matching set. If you’re going to eventually build a Scratchy themed ride as part of the normal quest line, wouldn’t it make sense to compliment your park with an Itchy themed ride? Next we have Mt.Krustmore:


Cost:150 Donuts

Building Time:6 Seconds

Task:Defying Laws of Gravity

Require’s:The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 5
Level 20

Now Mt.Krustmore also increase’s your Nausea rating and earns 120 tickets and 40 XP every 24hours. Homer, Kearney, Milhouse and Nelson have tasks at Mt.Krustmore and earn a decent amount of tickets.

If you had to choose one of these attractions, the better deal would be the Eyeballs of Death. Not only is it 50 donuts cheaper than Mt. Krustmore, but you can collect on it twice a day. So in one twenty-four hour period (providing you log-in to the game and collect the reward twice in one day) you can earn 180 tickets and 60 XP.

Additionally, the Eyeballs of Death is an 8h character task, as oppose to Mt. Krustmore which is a 24h character task. This means you can send Bart, Lisa, and Comic Book Guy to this ride three times in one day. Basically if you manage your characters properly you can collect nine times in one day with the Eyeballs of Death, and with Mt. Krustmore you can only collect four times.

Both Attractions look very nice in your Krustyland but in my point of view I would go for the Eyeballs of Death as it’s a great bargain. Hope this helps you make your decision if you are still stuck on wondering which to buy. Thanks, Nathan.

Credit to feelingblind, An amazing writer on his own site. You should really check out his site. He does great posts included with polls! 🙂

What characters and buildings could be added in the future?:Itchy and Scratchy

Hello Everyone, And a lot of things have been happening since I’ve been gone. We’ve had the arrival of Level 33, The 100,000 Hits, And TSTO Tips destroying more innocent players’ lives (Dramatic). This post is going to take you away from Level 33 and from all the other things that are happening right this moment as we have a fresh new post on “What characters and buildings could be added in the future”. As you have all ready guessed by the title this is going to be about Itchy and Scratchy, The two characters in the show that I want more than anything in the game! So lets begin:

So you may be thinking that Itchy and Scratchy are not real in the show and just a cartoon within a cartoon, But Itchy and Scratchy may be actual residents of Springfield as seen in “Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder”. Even if they’re not real characters they could make it into the game either way. Now Itchy and Scratchy could come with a list of buildings and could be two alone premium characters as anyone, even non-premium players would be tempted to buy them. I have two buildings in mind that they could come with: Itchy & Scratchy Studios or have Krustyland expanded with Itchy and Scratchy Land. Now I’d most like the pair to be mostly around in my Springfield and not Krustyland as I think they would be underused in my Krustyland. Here are some reasons why they should enter the game:


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Krustyland Expansion Ideas and more (Guest Post)

This is the site’s very first guest post from Michael, But we all know him as “mikeydislikesit“. Michael has been commenting on the site for a while now and he even has his own website! Here is Michael’s post, Enjoy:

The Tooth Chipper

Hey TSTO Fans! I decided to do a quick post on some additions I’d like to see added to Krustyland in the future. Obviously The Simpsons has done a ton of stuff over the years with amusement parks and other types of attractions and even though most of these were separate parks, it would be awesome to combine it all into our own Krustyland’s. Some of these will be obvious WANT’S, others not so obvious (just obscure stuff I happen to remember having grown up being raised by the Simpson family).

I also think it would be a great idea if they started having theme-type packages when new levels are introduced. So, for example, when the next level is released, why not add a new section for Krustyland based on a particular theme (see below for some ideas). That way we can start sectioning off parts of our theme park based on a particular theme. For example, the game already has a lot of Itchy and Scratchy stuff which makes it easy to create an Itchy and Scratchy Land section of the park! Just an idea that I think would be great for future updates!

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