Reminder!: The BIG Christmas Show-Off

Hi Tappers! Just a quick reminder about ‘The Big Christmas Show-Off’ competition. You have less than one week to post your entries all details can be found below! 

UPDATE: There is also a new Judge that has been added, Introducing Mags! She will replace ‘TheAdiposeTV’ as a Judge since he did not want to judge any screenshots but only give the prize. 


Hello Holiday Tappers!

Welcome to ‘The BIG Christmas Show-Off’! Get ready to show-off your festive towns as TSTO TopiX has a BIG Christmas competition! The Christmas update has truly got everyone designing their towns into a winter wonderland. Readers of TSTO TopiX, Members of Tapped-Out and Watchers of ‘TheAdiposeTV‘, we have a competition for YOU!


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Topix History Files: Christmas 2013 Non-Playable Characters

Hello Festive Tappers!

There are still some Christmas characters left that we have not looked at. So to speed things up and not have loads of posts scattered all other the place I have decided to split the posts up with a collection of characters/buildings/decorations.

This post will be talking about the NPC’s or non-playable characters of the update. I will include some brief game info along with some show info as all the non-playable characters in the update do not have big key roles in both the game and show!

The NPC’s we will be looking at in this post are:

  • Snow Monster
  • Christmas Raccoon
  • Candy Kevin

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Should I Buy Santa’s Village?

Hello Tappers! Here we are with another Christmas themed post for Should I Buy?. This post will be featuring the return of Santa’s Village along with the costume Santa Homer. I will have the walk-through for Santa Homer soon but here is the full guide of Santa’s Village. First I will start off with some game information on the building, followed by some show information, then last years Gil offer and this years Giveaway Wheel. I will conclude the post with some pros and cons, along with my Santa’s Village.

Game Info: 

Name: Santa’s Village

images (8)

Cost: 200 Donuts

Level Unlocked: Level 1

Size: 10×12

Building Time: 6 Seconds

Building Task: Feeding Reindeer

Characters/Costumes: Santa Homer (Costume for Homer)


Collection Time: 24 Hours

Income: $300/30XP

Availability: Limited Time (Christmas Event 2012 – 2013)

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The Simpsons: Tapped Out – Holiday Update Trailer 2013

Hello tappers!

This year’s video to promote the Christmas event for ‘The Simpsons Tapped Out’ has arrived. Check it out below:

Christmas Updates for Other Popular Games

Christmas has become the most talked thing in Tapped Out in the past couple of days and people have started to wonder where the Christmas update is? Well in this post I will be looking at the games that have got a Christmas update.

The Sims Freeplay:

The first game I noticed with the Christmas update was ‘The Sims Freeplay’, I’m not a big fan of the game but It was the first game I noticed to get a Christmas update. This Christmas update arrived on November 25th which was an early start to celebrate Christmas but also a reasonable start.


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Christmas Preparation

The Christmas update is on its way and tappers need to start preparing for when the update arrives. Just before the Halloween update I did a post about preparing for Halloween and it turned out to be a big success. I’m back with the post but this time helping you prepare for the 2013 Christmas update. For every player that might not have reached the top-level, you will need to prepare for this upcoming event. An event is always big and you most likely will need a lot of Money, Land, Friends and Donuts. So here is a guide to help you to prepare for Christmas 2013:


We will start off by talking about friends and for every event you will need friends. If your friends list is empty then I suggest you add some to prepare for the Christmas event. If this Christmas is a social event with your friends you can make a deal to help each other out for the upcoming event. Note: Please use the Add Friends page here to ask for other tappers to be your friends.

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Last Christmas (Mini Guide)

Hello Tappers! I’m back and the Christmas update is on its way! The Christmas update is expected to arrive on Tuesday which will end the Thanksgiving event and Gil’s deal. Due to Android players not experiencing the Christmas 2012 event and other players joining after the event, I thought that I would do a small post about last years Christmas event!

The Christmas update arrived on December 5th as it was announced on the Tapped Out Facebook page. On December 3, 2012, The Simpsons: Tapped Out‘s official Facebook page posted a message: “Let it snow! Springfield’s in for some holiday magic with a big new update… coming soon!” This told us that the Christmas update was just around the corner.  It was announced on Tapped Out‘s Facebook page on December 4 that the holiday update would be released on December 5, So maybe we should start checking out their Facebook page to see if they are dropping any hints like they did last year. simpsons-tapped-out-christmas3

The update was an app store update and this brought a new icon for the game along with a new opening menu. When you logged into Tapped Out, your town was covered in snow! It was like a winter wonderland, everything was covered in snow. This year should be very interesting as we have the Squidport and Krustyland expansion.

simpsons-tapped-out-christmas (1)

There was a new currency in tapped out and that was Santa Coins.  For the length of the event players were given Santa’s Sacks instead of Mystery Boxes in their Daily Bonus. You could send some characters on tasks to earn Santa Coins or you could purchase a Santa’s Sack, which costs 5 donuts.


Apart from having your town covered in snow and a new currency, the update brought with it new buildings, characters, costumes, decorations and facades to the game. With a whole bunch of quests to enjoy. Take a look at Simpsonswiki here for more information on the new items that the Christmas update brought.


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