Topix History Files: Mr Costington

Hello Festive Tappers!

Welcome to another edition of ‘Topix History Files?’. In this post we will be looking at the final personal prize, Costington’s and the man himself, Mr Costington!


Our last post on ‘THF’ we looked at ‘The Grumple’ which should be arriving shortly. We will be following the same steps as the previous post as first we will take a look at some game information about ‘Costington’s’ and ‘Mr. Costington’, then we will take a look at some show information about them and where they came from in the show.

Game Info (Costington’s): Costington’s is the final personal prize during this event (Christmas 2013) and after collecting 30,000 gift cards you will unlock the building and character.  Here is some game information about the building:


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The Elf Home: Personal Prize or Should I buy?

Unless you shelled out 60 doughnuts many of you will be earning the Elf Home personal prize over the weekend. I will admit that I purchased the home before I realized you could win it so when you post in the comments how you did the same, know that you’re not alone.

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Personal Prizes (#3): Springfield Mall

Our next personal prize is the Springfield Mall. This is going to be a very short post since there are no quests associated with this building. After reaching a total of 3000 gift cards you will then be rewarded with Springfield Mall!


Once you get the Springfield Mall it will be placed directly in your inventory. After you have placed it, there is a 24 hour build time OR you may rush it for 12 donuts. The fourth personal prize will be on its way shortly. Thanks again, Nathan.


Personal Prizes (#2): Holiday Tree

The next personal prize for the Christmas update is the Holiday Tree. After obtaining 1500 gift cards you win the Holiday Tree decoration. It has no quests but only a small conversation between Lisa and Homer which can be seen below:


(The Item will be place in your Inventory)


Lisa: You could always throw out the dried-out tree in January, you know.

Homer: Could, but won’t


One holiday tree not enough for you? Well you can also purchase some more holidays trees at the price of 75 donuts. Before purchasing a ‘Holiday Tree’ remember that you will win one after collecting 1500 gift cards. Good luck to getting the second personal prize and the third prize will be posted shortly. Thanks again, Nathan.