Kwik-Tap Guide: Shary Bobbins, Father Sean, Hugs Bunny

Hello Tappers!

We are now almost in our third week since the Easter update arrived. I’m still currently working on getting out the full walk-through for Father Sean and his quest ‘White Collar Hero’ as I’m unsure about the dialogue I have got and not sure if it is fully correct.

So I have decided to make a Kwik-Tap Guide for all you Golden Retrievers. This guide will be for the three characters in the Gold Easter Boxes that will arrive with a set of quests. This includes Shary Bobbins, Father Sean and Hugs Bunny. Mike is currently working on the full walk-through for Hugs Bunny with myself working on Father Sean. Here is the Golden Retriever: Kwik-Tap Guide.


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What have YOU done with Easter? (Your Submissions)

Hello Tappers!

Last week I asked you what have you done with Easter? A lot of you commented back on the post showing were you have put Easter in your town. This included your Easter park or Easter parade, ect. I used this ‘What have you done with Easter’ since it may take time for you to collect the buildings however this gave you an early chance to show your town off at Easter.


REMINDER: If you want to submit any of your Easter designs and get them featured LIVE on TheAdiposeTV then please check out our post on ‘The BIG Easter Show-Off’. The post can be found here. We are thinking of extending the closing date to give you a chance to collect decorations, buildings, ect.

So lets have a look at what you have done with Easter?

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Should I Purchase Mojo The Helper Monkey?

Hello Tappers!

With every event there are always some premium items on for sale at a limited time. The Easter event brought us the limited time premium character Mojo The Helper Monkey. So is Mojo worth the donuts is the question that you might be asking, well not to worry as TopiX will give you a full guide on Mojo The Helper Monkey and hopefully help you decide on your purchase on Mojo.

This post will take a look at some game information along with his character background history. This will also look at the pros and cons of adding Mojo to your Springfield. So let’s get started!

Game Information: 

Name: Mojo The Helper Moneky



Cost: 65 Donuts

Level Required: Level 5

Unlock Message: 



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Shary Bobbins Walkthrough: A Spoonful Of Bitter

Hello Tappers!


The Easter update has brought us Shary Bobbins! Shary Bobbins was my last character to collect in the Easter boxes and I finally got her and was so glad when I did. This is the complete walk-through for Shary Bobbins which you will get once you have unlocked her as a prize! If you have no idea who Shary Bobbins is then not to worry as her history files will be up shortly along with some game information! So lets get started with ‘A Spoonful of Bitter’.

A Spoonful Of Bitter Pt. 1:


Ned: Homer, I was thinking my boys might benefit from having a woman in the house.

Homer: I get it — you want my advice on how to meet women.

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What have you done with Easter?

Hello My Easter Tappers!

I know the title of this post may be a little bit odd however I want to know what have you done with Easter? With every event I have seen players use the new decorations to create a small parade or a town square to celebrate the event.



Since some of you are still collecting buildings from the Easter boxes I thought I would start with a more simple ‘What have you done with’ that everyone can get involved in.

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Johnny Fiestas

Hello Tappers!

This update has brought a few new buildings to Tapped Out and one of them is ‘Johnny Fiestas’! You can win Johnny Fiestas in a Blue Easter Prize Box and was the first building I unlocked. This post is here to guide you on the building ‘Johnny Fiestas’ with some game information along with some history on how the building made its appearance in the show.

Game Information:

Name: Johnny Fiestas




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Easter Event Main Walkthrough: Kwik-Tap Guide

Hello Tappers!

So the Easter event has now officially arrived with most of you finished with the first 24 hour task or close to finishing it. Welcome to our Kwik-Tap Guide, this will just be showing you the basics of the walk through with extra detail without dialogue. Mickus is currently working on the full walk through and that will be out once it is finished.


So Homer kicks off the Easter event by talking about Whacking Day??? Don’t worry this is still the Easter event and you will find out why they mention Whacking Day after you have finished the first 24 hour quest. The main event quest is titled ‘Four-Day Weekend For Our Sins‘. However there are also some mini quests that pop up thought the event.

These Kwik-Tap Guides are the stripped down versions of the full walkthroughs, spoiler-free of any dialog that many of you want to read first in your own games. Here you can see which characters need to be free, what the quest tasks are, how long, etc. So lets begin with the Easter event walk through of 2014:


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The Easter 2014 Guide!

Hello Hoppers!

The Easter event has arrived and so far it looks impressive. Once you have completed your three character 24 hour task the Easter event will open for business! This post will talk you through the guide on the Easter event and how to obtain all the prizes that are up for grabs.


As soon as you’ve finished the tasks for Homer, Apu and Willie, the Easter event will officially start. You’ll start to notice Bunnies hopping around your town and this year these bunnies have replaced the Whacking Day snakes. Every time you tap a bunny you will earn either a blue egg or a pink egg.


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Last Chance to Purchase: Days of Future Future

Howdy Tappers!

The clock is ticking and you have less than 24 hours before the end of the episode tie-in for ‘Days of Future Future’. This post is a reminder that you only have less than 24 hours to purchase those limited time items. The Cremo Bot is an item that will not make a return due to it being linked with the episode.

Days of Future Future Dialog 18


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Easter 2014 Preparation

Hello Tappers!

Instead of making you go off the Whacking Day 2014 preparation guide, I decided to make a one for the upcoming Easter event. Requested by Tom, one of our readers, I decided that we need to prepare for the Easter event and make it separate from the Whacking Day post just in case we have a Whacking Day event as well as the Easter event.


Ok, so next week could be the possible update of Easter 2014 and with every update tappers need to be prepared! Just before the Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day event, I did a post about preparing for the events and it turned out to be a big success. For every player that might not have reached the top-level, you will need to prepare for this upcoming event. An event is always big and you most likely will need a lot of Money, Land, Friends and Donuts. So here is a guide to help you to prepare for Easter 2014.


Because there was no Easter event last year there is no information on what the Easter event could bring. The update could come anytime next week from around Tuesday to Friday with a speculation date of Wednesday. However other speculation says that it will arrive with the removal of the episode tie-in for ‘Days of Future Future’ on Tuesday.

Now, here is the preparation guide for Easter 2014:

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