Why do I still see leaves in my Springfield?

Hello Tappers! The latest update saw the end of the Halloween event and it was replaced with level 37! However a question that I’m seeing quite a lot is, why are there still leaves in my Springfield?

Well I can’t answer that because I have no idea why EA has left leaves in our Springfield, However I have a couple of theories that may be the reason why we are still seeing leaves:

1) EA has forgotten to take away the leaves feature and could possibly be another glitch.

2) We are in the middle of autumn and this could stay with us until Winter arrives.

3) Thanksgiving could be on its way and EA may wanted to keep the leaves feature for the event?

The main reason why we are still seeing leaves in our towns may be because we are in autumn and autumn is known for leaves falling from trees, but how come the trees went back to its original form? Now I don’t want to get into a whole post talking about leaves and I will leave it up to you to come up with your own theories. Thanks again, Nathan.



Four Regrettings and a Funeral (UPDATED)

Update: New Video Added

Update 2: Six NEW Pictures Added

Howdy Tappers!

With every episode there is always a possibility that we could get an episode tie-in update. The upcoming episode “Four Regrettings and a Funeral” airs on Sunday in America and this could mean an update tomorrow! Remember this is all speculation and this may not happen. We have just experienced level 36 but a small episode tie-in would be great as we come to the end of the Halloween event.

As always I’m going to be giving you information on the episode so you can speculate of what may happen if we get an episode tie-in update. I have some information on the episode thanks to wikipedia and I have two videos from the episode and the couch gag. I also have two images from the episode. I will update the post when there is new information on the episode and it will be updated to the top of the site.

The Episode Overview:

At the funeral of a beloved Springfielder, four residents remember events in their lives they would like to do over.

  • Homer regrets selling a tech stock in order to buy a bowling ball.
  • Marge blames herself for Bart’s rebelliousness.
  • Mr. Burns remembers his relationship with a Parisienne.
  • Kent Brockman regrets not leaving the local station to join cable news.

The funeral of a beloved Springfielder is not the actual character that is going to die in the series. This may just be a character that we have never even seen or heard of before, an extra character that has also been seen and not heard.

The Videos:

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Should I Spend My Donuts On Booberella?

Hello everyone,
After a long break due to computer issues, I am ready to get back on track and start posting again. We have a couple of premium items this year but the main one that people are wanting to purchase is the latest character, Booberella. Now as always by the end of this post you should have a better understanding of this character and hopefully this will help you decide whether to buy her or not.

We will start with a bit of character history on Booberella along with some game information and then we will finish the post with her pros and cons along with a summary of the post.

Her walk-through can be found here.

Character History:

Now there is a big clue in her name that tells you a lot about Booberella and that is the fact that she has big boobs! She is known across Springfield for having such big breasts but apart from her breasts she is also known as an actress and that is why she is listed as a B-List Celebrity in Tapped Out. Booberella hosts late-night monster movies in which she is seen in outfits that show lots of cleavage. Booberella looks like the female version of Count Dracula and has occasionally been seen dating Duffman.

Game Info:


Name: Booberella

Cost: 100 donuts

Level Unlock: 5

 Premium Rate Earned: Yes

# of Outside Jobs: 2 of 6

Character Collection: B-List Celebrities

Voiced Character: No

Building Unlocked: None

Task List: 

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Attic Prize (Day One)

Day one of the attic prize is now available. As explained in the overview post to obtain them it can be found here. Today we got the flaming hoop prize, After collecting all prizes you will the obtain a NEW costume for Homer, ‘Homer Strongman’ The costume can be seen below, Here is the unlock message of the first prize of the week:


Homer: A flaming hoop! I better save this is case someday I get poodles that want to jump through things.


Unlock Message: Homer has put the Flaming Hoop in the attic and disconnected the smoke detector so it won’t keep annoying him by going off. Collect other unique items to unlock a special prize.

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Treehouse of Horror XXIV

Hello everyone and this post will be giving you some information on the upcoming episode The Treehouse of Horror XXIV. This episode will air on October the 6th, Just after the Halloween update. Last year we saw some items that appeared in the Treehouse of Horror XXIII appear in the game along with some for past Halloween episodes. Hopefully I will try and make this my last post about Halloween until the actual arrival. As you know we always have three short episodes in the Halloween episode and some may appear in the update. This post will be giving you some information on the upcoming episode which could help you to think about the update.


Here we are with the details of the three shorts in the episode:

1. Oh the Places You’ll D’oh: In an homage to Dr. Seuss, Homer rides around Springfield wreaking havoc as “The Fat in the Hat”.

2. Dead and Shoulders: After Bart is decapitated during a kite accident, his head is attached to Lisa’s body and the two must live together as one.

3. Freaks no Geeks: In a parody of the movie Freaks, Homer and Marge are performers in Mr. Burns’ traveling circus The Burnsum and Bailey Circus, which stops in Springfieldland in the 1930s – and things go awry when circus freak Moe comes on to Marge.

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Trick Or Treat

Hello everybody and on my last post about preparing for Halloween there seemed to be a lot of people asking for Halloween friends. Instead of piling all your details onto that post I thought that I would make a post especially for adding friends for this Halloween update. Many people will be logging into tapped out on October 1st and this may be an event where you need friends. Last year we were able to receive the currency of candy by TP-ing our friends towns and this year It might be the same.

If you have all ready reached the limit of 100 friends I would think about searching for those friends who have not been active for a while. If you have posted your information on the recent post then I would suggest you re-comment onto this post.

So here is what you need to do to get some friends this Halloween, I would suggest putting these points in your comments when wanting to add friends or wanting people to add you:

1. Your origin ID

2. Generally, where you are in the world

3. Information about your town

4. Daily Player or Not?

WARNING: Please do not give out your password or email to anyone who asks you!

Maybe you want to make a deal with someone and just have one friend. Which you both decide to visit each others towns daily during the Halloween event. I would suggest have a number of friends just to be safe.

Make sure you get your Halloween friends ready. Thanks again – Nathan.



Repost: Halloween 2012/2013

Hello everyone and I posted this post a long time ago and I wanted to repost it just before the Halloween event arrives. I will be doing a post on the collection of posts about Halloween but until now enjoy my repost on Halloween 2012/2013:

Hello everyone and this post is about something that people have been asking for in the comment section recently quite a lot, Now since we are coming up to Halloween and with rumors and spoilers speculating more and more each day, I thought it would be right to post a few of last years stuff so that android players and other players who did not experience the Halloween update can know what could be coming and how much they might need.

I’m going to start off with listing the prices of last years Halloween event as that is the most asked question with people wanting to save up donuts for the event. Here is a list of how much items cost on the Halloween event:

Characters And Costumes:

  • The Raven – 30 Donuts.
  • Burns Monster – 300 Candy.
  • House of Evil with Talking Krusty Doll – 100 Candy.
  • Springfield Subatomic Supercollider and Black Hole – 100 Candy.
  • Mayan Calender and Mayan God – Free.
  • Cauldron and Witch Marge Costume – 90 Donuts.
  • Raygun and Kang – 100 Donuts.
  • Zombies – When Springfield Cemetery is built.
  • Pet Zombies – Springfield Pet Cemetery is built.
  • Mayan Homer Costume – Unlocked when The player answers the trivia question the Mayan God gives.
  • Devil Flanders Costume – Unlocked “The Black Hole Pt. 4” is completed.

Tapped_Out_Kang_New_Character (1)

That is the price of the characters and their costumes. Some characters arrived with buildings and the buildings will be listed separate below without the characters. The zombies and Pet Zombies were only limited time characters and disappeared after the event. Sometimes characters were seen changing into Zombies, This is because In the game, once zombies have come out of the cemeteries, they walk around your Springfield. When they meet a character, they turn that character into a zombie. Once tapping on the zombie character, they return back to normal…until another zombie comes along and turns the character into a zombie again. However, Halloween characters, such as Kang, do not get turned into zombies. Some of the children of tapped out were able to change into trick or treat costumes but this was not a costume for a character as it was just similar to the zombies. All images will be listed at the end of the post. Here is the buildings of the Halloween event:

Buildings and Facades:

  • Springfield Cemetery – Free
  • Springfield Pet Cemetery – 10 Candy
  • Springfield Subatomic Supercollider – 100 Candy
  • House of Evil – 100 Candy
  • Bad Dream House – 150 Candy
  • Mausoleum – 60 Donuts
  • Heck House – 300 Candy (Facade for First Church of Springfield)

As you are probably noticing now there are items that are purchased by using candy and this is the currency you had to pay for some Halloween items, Candy could have been earned from Killing Zombies, Egging and TP-ing Friends towns, and cleaning up mess friends left in your Springfield, Collecting from Halloween buildings and Sending characters on limited Halloween tasks. There may have been more ways of obtaining candy but I think they are the main ones. There were some items that were available for purchase by using game money and that was decorations and the Halloween decorations can be seen below:



  • Mayan Calender – Free
  • Jack-o-Lantern – $135
  • Dead Tree – $270
  • Spooky Tree – $325
  • Pumpkin Patch – $420
  • Cauldron – 90 Donuts
  • Ray Gun – 100 Donuts

And I think that’s about everything covered and I’m not sure about the Black hole being in the characters collection but If I have made any mistakes please let me know as it was a long time ago and I have forgotten most of it any way. Now I’m going to show a few images of the characters during the update as Zombies, Halloween Costumes, Ect. I have edited the pictures into one big picture, So click on the image to enlarge if you can’t see it very well in the post.


Above is just a small example of characters that were transformed into zombies. Here are ALL of the images on the Halloween event when the children of Springfield turned into their Trick-Or-Treat costumes.


And it looks like I have covered everything cost wise on last years Halloween event, If I have missed anything out or I have made a mistake please tell me in the comment section below. It looks like we could be expecting Level 35 on Thursday or another update If EA are releasing fortnightly updates. Halloween will be on its way soon and I can’t wait! Flinster42 will be back this weekend to post some stuff about what we could see during Halloween and part one can be found here. Thanks again – Nathan. Here is a trailer of last years Halloween update:



Could we expect level 36 with Halloween?

The Tappers of Facebook have been sending me messages about this years Halloween update and the question that has popped up the most is that will there be a new level along with the Halloween update? I have been reading the dates of the updates from last year and It seems like EA could be following the same pattern. Here is the dates of this years updates and last years updates:

Last Year:

Level 21 – September 21st 2012

Moonshine River episode tie-in – September 28th 2012

Halloween and Level 22 – October 3rd 2012

This Year:

Level 35 – September 12th 2013

Homerland episode tie-in – September 26th 2013

Halloween – October 1st 2013


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Prepare to be Scared!

As you know Halloween is just a couple of days away and for every player that may have not reached the top-level you will need to prepare for this upcoming event. Now an event is always big and you most likely need a lot of Money, Land, Friends and Donuts. So here is a guide to help you to prepare for Halloween 2013.


We will start off by talking about friends and every event you will need to have friends to help you with the event. If your friends list is empty then I suggest you add some friends to prepare for the Halloween event. In the comment section below of this post you could post your origin ID and make a deal with another tapper. If this Halloween is a social event with your friends you can make a deal to help each other out for the upcoming event. Note: Please do not share your password or email in the comment section below!. So you type in ONLY your origin ID and then wait for a reply from another tapper who would like to add you and make a deal with them for the Halloween event, You can also add additional information about your town, Eg. Level ??, Daily Player, Ect. Now if you all ready have friends and you have reached the limit of 100 friends i would recommend going through your friends list with a close eye on who is and who isn’t an active player, removing any that seem as if they havent played since Whacking day or that HAVE passed level 20 or so and have no sign that they have opened the squidport, or which ever other criteria you deem appropriate.



Now this is a big issue for players at the moment and I spent all last night making room for more land for Halloween. Make sure you have land! For those who have not bought land yet then I would suggest you buy some extra land as this event may take up at least four land expansions, This may be difficult due to saving up money at the same time. But what is the point in saving up money for buildings when you have no land? If you all ready have used up all your land then I would suggest moving some things around and try to make the best of the space you have left. When I started I had one mini forest and since then I have had two new and bigger forests so I decided to get rid of that forest and place some buildings in the space. I have fit five buildings in that small spot and In my opinion it still looks great! Remember sometimes small is good and you don’t have to use all your land at once! Another way to get land is by putting some buildings or decorations that you don’t really have use for, Eg. Gulp ‘N’ Blow, Gilded Truffle, Lard Lad Donuts, Pimento Grove, El Chemistri, Zestys, All Night Gym, Ect. Or maybe try to get rid of unwanted decorations Eg. Chop down your forest. All I’m saying is make sure you have some land as this will require a lot of land!


Now this is a tricky one as we don’t know If we will be using much money this event due to last year our currency was candy? However last years Halloween saw a few decorations that required money and not candy and my suggestion is that you save some money up for the event as you never know what may be coming and what might cost money, Ect. If you are currently not at the top-level, I would suggest carrying on with your purchasing of buildings because if this year you do have earn a different currency it would be better to have more characters to earn you that currency.


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Spoiler: Season 25 Premiere Episode Tie-in

I was just searching on Reddit to see a spoiler post from CoolBrown (Cool Homer), This included images of the items for the episode tie-in for the season 25 premiere! All credit goes to him as that’s where I found the information from and if you are on the home page click continue reading.


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