Episode Fact File: Looking for Mr. Goodbart

The Simpsons continues as this Sunday, April 30th, 2017, Fox aired “Looking for Mr. Goodbart”, the 20th episode of Season 28 and the 616th episode to date. This Episode Fact File will recap the episodes with pictures, video clips and more. Get the scoop right after the jump!

Store update: A new item has been added to te store, Cypress Creek Home!

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What Changed with the 2014 July 4th Event Update?

Update: As I was finishing this post, an app update hit the iOS App store. It removes the Stonecutters Event from the game, restores the regular splash screen and icon, and removes all emblem related stuff. Good news though, Number 1 is playable and has tasks! If you’re still trying to earn emblems, hold off on updating, but at some point they’ll force you to update.

In addition to the new items added with the July 4th Event update, there were a few other changes to the game. First, changes to the returning items from last year’s July 4th event:

  • The Nighthawk Diner now costs 90 donuts (and will be available for purchase from July 11th to the 16th). It also now generates $500 and 45 XP every 24 hours when it used to generate $500 and 30 XP.
  • All-American Apu will cost 30 donuts and be available from July 4th until July 16th for purchase.
  • Rex Banner and All-American Apu’s jobs now earn at a premium rate.

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Repost: Cletus’ work reports

This is a repost of an early post on the blog by Mickus, and I thought now that we have a larger audience it’s time it got read again.

Hi guys.
Cletus’ farm is one of the best buildings to have. Although you have to spend money to make money, it is virtually a gold (and XP) mine. Along with the Channel 6 building, it doesn’t have its own collection rate, which means that you have to assign a task for it in order to earn any kind of income. Whether it is growing Tomacco for one hour or leaving it to sit for 90 days to grow Corn, its simply your choice on how much income you want to make.

Unlike the Channel 6 building, the farm has a 45 second task to harvest Perfection but, as its name states, it has to be perfect. This means you have only 3 seconds to harvest it. For the other crops see here.

Below, I have compiled a table of how much each makes in profits and the hourly average. This means, if you are really patient, you can earn over $600 an hour. Continue reading