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Hey friends, I’m going to try this page out and see where it goes but this page is for asking for help, anything game related, general discussion, off-topic questions, comments, even complaints (hopefully not too many), whatever. I do not want to have a site full of rules with no outlet for anyone to just comment. To post requests and ideas for posts however, please go to our ideas page by clicking here. The main thing is to have fun with it and with the site in general. We do not have time for party-poopers and just general haters. Hopefully this can be the main thread to get to know each other and what everyone wants to see a post on. (More to come)

If you have a personal matter that you do not wish for public eyes, or for any guest posts, you can contact us by email at as we check it several times a day. This email is solely for these purposes only and are for use through TSTO TopiX.

If you need immediate help, we have an irc channel setup on freenode. See this post here.

I have created a Basic Troubleshooting post for the first steps on what to do when the game is not working. – Em


4,639 thoughts on “Help! & Discussion

  1. I notice that some of the friends I have, have items that you can only buy with donuts are you purchasing donuts with your own money or what? I do not play as I should so I am not completing tasks to get the event items before I have to purchase using donuts.


  2. I’m on level 65 and I can’t seem to unlock quests that should have been available on previous levels such as the helen lovejoy quest. Any idea how I can unlock these?


  3. I am new to the game and finding the “I choo choo choose you” pop up pretty confusing. The first time, I gained a friend that I visited daily. Then the pop up happened again and I started visitong a new, higher level springfield. Where did the first friend go? How do I switch between the two? Will they both allow me to make 3 taps on their buildings everyday? Please advise. Appreciated.



  4. Good Afternoon,
    Excavation Site Rewards Missing
    On two (2) occasions, I unlocked Barbarian Statue Homer & it read that it will be stored in my inventory but they are nowhere to be found. I have checked all categories of the inventory multiple times.
    Anth (ID-MrDooody)


  5. Osu819423- Add me! I play daily!, Level 29 now. Was at level 50 but my game data disappeared…I’m back at it again:)


  6. I’ve been saving doughnuts to buy Duff Brewery and Duff Man and now that I can get it, it’s not in my store anymore. Mount Carlmore is gone too… Any ideas?


  7. After this most recent update, I was gifted 2 trash at my Springfield dump. Since the jobs earn 50 for regular and 75 for premium characters, it’s weird to see totals like that. Is this a known glitch?


      • Did you happen to use the POLYVAC? It’s the SCIFIGHTER side game where you tap on robots. If you did and less than a full amount of garbage, then it gifts you 2, 3, 4, etc. garbage cans as part of the reward.


        • Yes! I didn’t for so long because I was maxed out on resources in Springfield Heights but totally makes sense now! Thank you.


  8. ADD US WE PLAY DAILY reese4218263 & Trishap_70787 WE NEED NEW FRIENDS THAT ALSO PLAY DAILY, WE ARE LEVEL 105 & 103!!!


  9. Good Afternoon,
    If this is listed elsewhere & you’re answering 2x, apologies. I just purchased the Hank Mastermind Bundle (Balloon / Skin) & Hank appeared in my inventory but no balloon. Is the balloon earned after Hank jobs are complete?
    ID – MrDooody (Anth)


  10. Hi, my game had a weird glitch during the Around the World event where it did like a mini-reset and all of my event currency was gone. After quickly reloading the game, it fixed itself, but I got 3 daily challenges at once, and once I did all 3, I haven’t gotten a daily challenge since then. The counter counts down every day for a new challenge, but when it gets to 0, it just resets to 24. (This was also around the time where I was getting a different glitch where every single building was doing its animation at once, without being tapped on). Any suggestions about what to do? Anyone else have this problem? I HAVE NOT tried reinstalling the app yet, that might be the fix, but I would appreciate anyone’s advice or solution, or if I should contact EA directly. Thanks!


    • First, try the reinstall – if you have an EA/origin account, if you play Anonymously do not delete/reinstall
      If that does not help, contact EA, report it as Missing content or a Technical issue, do not call it a bug or a glitch


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