TopiX Design Pool

With all the manic events and updates we sometimes get distracted from the design aspect of Tapped Out! Many of my neighbours would know that I love designing. I am willing to take heaps of land to make a great design and not care about how many blue houses I could put on that land to gain XP!

A tapper commented a while back an idea that sparked my imagination (image below) for a page where you can comment your screenshots and fellow tappers and myself can give you feedback!

There will also be a design of the week feature where I and the topix gang will decide on a design that wowed and inspired us which will be displayed on this post every Saturday!

So get creative and have fun posting your designs here and getting feedback! Can you get design of the week?

Comment below and I can’t wait to see your designs!

To post your images it’s best to use

imagePlease use screenshots of your own town unless you give full credit to the owner!


26 thoughts on “TopiX Design Pool

  1. With items from the Superhero Event, the Monorail, the Christmas Event, the Casino Event and Springfield Heights, I created a big futuristic house. Each time I see an item that could blend in, I buy/craft it and get it in… like a cluster 🙂


    • Love what you have done 🙂 A very good piece of design! Unless we get another design then you will be this weeks design winner! Love what you have done with the hedges


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