TopiX History Files

The TopiX History Files is a section that we maintain to give you the background information on newly-released content.


11 thoughts on “TopiX History Files

    • Tap character. Popup taskbar, top right + to show costumes, slide to use.
      Some costumes needs to be “use” from inventory befor showing up in the wardrobe.


  1. I don’t know if I can ask here but my iPhone took a shit and I got a new one every thing transfer well so they said but I didn’t save my profile in the beginning but I am wondering if I can still get my old profile please help if you can


    • If you have an Originaccount for your old town you can access it on any device that has tsto installed. If you’re in an Anonymous account. Login buttons: Welcomescreen, bottom left. Friendscreen (minitowns) tap Bart/Milhouse, bottom right in the pop-up “add origin friends” enter log in info.
      If your account was Anonymous, Im sorry but those are device specific and cannot be retrieved, even by EA as an email associated with an account is needed for that.


        • Im so sorry to hear that. A suggestion: make an Originaccount for at least your main game, especially if you want to buy donuts. That way it is saved on an outside server and can be retrieved and not only bound to your device.


  2. What are your thoughts on what will happen to all the unspent goodies I’ve collect when the update is over? Will they just vanish or turn to cash?


    • You need to be past the 45sec joint task Lisa/Kang and the crafting of the nail on the board and so does your neighbours before any actions are available and then you tap the small aliens/characters with aliens over their faces.
      There’s a 90 probes a day limit from neighbours. Tap the “i” by the count on the minitown map, if you tap the “i” in your/neighbours town you will not see the actions left but the eventguide.
      In the minitowns, if the probecount is 0 you will not be able to do actions.


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