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This is the place to go when you want to check out present, future or past events. You can find all our coverage including walkthroughs on each link. Enjoy the page and have fun clicking on the links and exploring.








  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving
  • Treehouse of Horror XXIII

17 thoughts on “Update Pages

  1. I enjoyed the way the site listed game details. Disappointed I had to search elsewhere to find out the Christmas 2014 details. When will it be up on site? Other sites have extensive details and pictures.


  2. I think I posted my Clash of Clones question in the wrong place, and probably still am ’cause the link to CofC isn’t working properly (for me.). My question is:
    How does the quest to unlock Wizard Marge start? She’s locked in my inventory. I thought I already did the Upgrades Pt. 1 quest – it’s dialog with Homer and the kids, right?
    Let me take this opportunity to thank mini ah and Mike S. for all the time you spend helping us. Thank you.


    • The end of The Prince and the Premise Part 17 starts the unlock process. While they talk about upgrades earlier, you don’t get The Power of Upgrades Part 1 until The Prince and the Premise Part 17 is complete. Part 1 requires Marge, Moe’s Tavern to be built, and you to have collected 5000 gold.


      • We dont know yet. Nothing in the files but we’ll post as soon we know. My guess is 4th of July but we might get something else. A new level or a tie-in before next event is probable.


      • I would assume that they will release more squidport content and possibly land before the next event. There was also a mention of whacking day somewhere but theres nothing in the files. My guess is as good as yours.


      • Wasn’t sure where else to post this: Logged into TSTO this morning, expecting the Stonecutter’s Event to be ended but found it wasn’t….also had an in-game update occur and some dialogue between Homer and Apu begin once I entered my town…after the dialogue ended, I was instructed to build Giuseppe’s Workshop ($5000 to build, 24hr build time, dimensions of 6×4…also looks like it comes with another character!!!). Also noticed a new item in the build menu, the Sit-N-Rotate…HUGE building, costs $10000000 to build, unsure of build time (not bought it yet), and doesn’t appear to add another character but does improve the Gluttony rating). You need to be level 35 to build it.


    • If they are limited time then No, there is no legitimate way to get those. All others are availeble but they cant repeate specific quest tasks


      • She didn’t say there WASN’T a way, she said there wasn’t a LEGITIMATE way. If you are getting items that are no longer offered in the official game then it is through hacking of one form or another. We are completely aware of ways to get old items, characters and buildings however Topix is strictly a non-hacking venue and we cannot promote those methods. That’s where Google comes in if someone wants something bad enough but we do not condone or endorse any hacking.


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