Finally after months, even years of speculation, in-game predictions, poor Photoshop attempts and the like, the Monorail has reached our hand held virtual worlds in the form of an event. An epically HUGE event at that. To give you all of our coverage of this historic release we present to you the Monorail Event Page.


Here you will find every article that we have written and will write all organized by subject matter. Consider it your Grand Central Station on the great Monorail of Wisdom (<— pretty clever word stuff there, huh?) Please join us as we fill this page with all kinds of exciting, informative guides, posts, whatever you want to call them just don’t call them useless or boring. This page will fill up as we go along in coverage but if you think we missed something please feel free to sound of below.

Pre-Release, Spoilers, Speculation, Release Announcements

Engage the Monorail! – Pre-Release

Monorail Is Live on iOS! 

Monorail Event Is Live for Android!

Monorail Event 2015 for Dummies – Event Guide

Announcement by EA Regarding the Future of Building the Monorail

Glitches, Bugs, Known Event Issues

Conductor Homer Crashing Error / Glitch Report

Monorail Building Error – Feedback Wanted

A new glitch – Multiple Prizes Unlock

1st Quest Chain Guides

Kwik-Tap Guide


2nd Quest Chain Guides

Kwik-Tap Guide


3rd Quest Chain Guides

Kwik-Tap Guide


Premium guides

Kwik-Tap Guide


Prizes guides

Kwik-Tap Guide


Secondary guides

Kwik-Tap Guide


Informative Posts

Depot Jobs

Projects Board Daily Caps

Prize Tracks

Event and Limited Time Items Dates

Rail Yard Prizes

Unreleased Goodies

Changes and Conform-O-Meter

What Changed with the Monorail Updates? (August 11th Update 1 and 2)

How Do the Monorail Items Affect the Conform-O-Meter?

What Changed with the Muscular Marge and Monorail Patch 1 Updates? (August 26th and 27th)

What Changed with the Level 57 Update? (September 3rd)

What Changed with the Monorail Patch 2 Update? (September 8th)

What Changed with the Monorail Takedown and IRS Update? (September 15th)


27 thoughts on “Monorail

  1. I tried contacting EA about the new blueprint issue – deleting all my blueprints and giving me no track for them. Their live chat said it would take under 5 minutes to connect to a game advisor and 45 minutes later… nothing. 2nd day it’s happened. So I tried again and chose the “have an advisor call” option. It said in one minute and I got a call back… never. This is the sort of crap that makes me want to find other games to play.


  2. I reported the problem with the blueprints to EA and they said it is a known issue and they are working on a fix.


  3. Hello folks, another glitch at the end of the monorail event. So you click on the railyard and the first mystery track piece that you need has 5000 blueprints to get it. Well my blueprint counter is over 10,000 and I still have not received my track piece. Below the 3 boxes for tinycogs, regular sprockets, and huge thingamajig there is a blue line status line telling you how many blueprints you have. My blue line is all the way off the railyard page and on to my town. It’s crazy. I won’t be able to make any more tracks until this is fixed. this game is EA and should not have these types of glitches and issues. They have a standard to maintain and this does not help.


  4. Is anyone keeping track of bells and whistles?

    After suspecting bad arithmetic and lower numbers in act 3 I’m tracking it. Sometimes I don’t get full credit. Example: 31,992 plus 898 plus 750 equals 32,908!!!! Must be that “new math”.

    As if crashes and all the other bugs weren’t bad enough. Is anyone else being short-changed?


  5. Help please my game has been freezing all day today I only get to collect a few bits then it freezes again, is there any known help I’ve tried un installing and signing out but not helped, any other ideas please it’s driving me mad 😦


  6. Has anyone else had trouble with the game freezing? Suddenly today, I can barely play at all. This started after I got the glass recycling center. It takes a phone reboot to clear it out. I have un/re-installed but it has not helped.


  7. Game appears down. First it would freeze if I would tap Homer to do ANYthing. Now it’s “Can’t connect with server.” sigh


  8. I did a task with the good Rev, Visit Inmates and now he stays on the task bar to visit -275/1. Why is this happening?


  9. ‘-8/1’ on task bar for ‘make homer watch monkey trauma center marathon’…rushed the task for 12 donuts now it says ‘-7/1’ What is this about?


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