“Much Apu About Something” Episode Tie-In, Tailgate, Daily Challenges System, “The Marge-Ian Chronicles” Episode Tie-In, Spring Cleaning and Level 60

2016 has brought some minor updates, all improving on the game: 2 episode tie-ins, a tailgate, the Daily Challenges System, some spring cleaning tools and the final level of the game: Level 60.


Swimming through all this stuff is quite hard. To help you understand, navigate and most importantly ENJOY this updates, we try our best to break down them line by line, image by image and so on. Every article published on Topix that pertains to this updates will be found here as a collective one-stop help guide. This way you don’t have to take any more time away from tapping than you absolutely have to by mindlessly scrolling through our home page trying to find that one article you need, they’re all HERE!

explorationinc_menuSpringfield Greenhousegoogoplex_menu

If you need help and do not see a post pertaining to your struggle, please feel free to comment below or contact us by email: tstotopix@gmail.com

“Much Apu About Something” Episode Tie-In




Daily Challenges System

“The Marge-Ian Chronicles” Episode Tie-In

Spring Cleaning

Level 60


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