Ready to be sucked in the fun of Sci-fi?


Homer is ready for this multiverse adventures and so are we. Our Topix staff will get you all the Tapped Out information you’ll need to help Homer and Stephen Hawking in this event. The SciFi event has dropped and with any event comes a lot of questions. We don’t want Homer getting trapped in the black hole so like every event we dedicate this page for anything SciFi related. Every post on this event will be found here all nice and pretty-like. If you see anything missing or request a specific post please feel free to sound off in the comments. Login now and enter the black hole to start the fun!


To help you understand, navigate and most importantly ENJOY this event, we try our best to break down the entire update line by line, image by image and so on. Every article published on Topix that pertains to the SciFi event will be found here as a collective one-stop help guide. This way you don’t have to take any more time away from tapping than you absolutely have to by mindlessly scrolling through our home page trying to find that one article you need, they’re all HERE!


As always this page is a constant work in progress and will be updated as each new article is published. If you need help and do not see a post pertaining to your struggle, please feel free to comment below or contact us by email:


Enjoy and thank you for continuously giving us reason to keep our beloved site alive!



Event Navigation/Event Mechanics/Overviews/General Info

This section is reserved for the Act Overviews, posts regarding the various menu’s, currencies, etc. Crafting Prizes, Crafting Instructions, etc. all will be listed here.


This section is reserved for all the glitches EA mastered to implement in the game with this update.

Event Kwik-Tap Guides

This section is reserved for the text-less kwik-tap guides of the questlines, premium, freemium, prizes, etc. all will be listed here.

Event Walkthroughs

This section is reserved for the walkthrough guides of the questlines, premium, freemium, prizes, etc. all will be listed here.

Informative Posts

This section is reserved for the changes, conform-o-meter, etc. all will be listed here.


9 thoughts on “SciFi

  1. Hi looking for some help. I feel like I’m missing something about this update. I hardly get any robots in my town and struggling to even get the second prize. I log in about three times a day, tap all my neighbours which takes forever and play the mini game and craft things. I’m lucky to get a dozen robots strolling a day. Am i just missing something?


    • When you start the PolyVac minigame, all robots in town are sucked in, you get the currency and robot parts.
      3 times a day is not enough. You need to play at least 4 minigames a day and resend the Homers to meet the goal.


  2. How does one “Use a Flash during SciFighter”?
    “Use Future Bucks to Get Items”? I have, what I am guess “Future Bucks” (Purple money), but there’s nothing to buy with them, is there?

    THANK YOU!!!


  3. Anyone else having problems to get into the game? My game keeps saying that my phone don’t have enough memory even though I do have over 2GB left in memory 😦


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