The following page lists the link to every article we have written about the first ever Superheroes Event of 2015. Rather than have our readers waste time scrolling forever through our archives they are all neatly organized here. The Superheroes Event is similar to the two previous events, Halloween 2014 and Christmas 2014, in which it’s divided in 4 phases. We have done and are doing our best to help you navigate and enjoy each phase the best way possible. If you feel a subject or particular post is missing or you would like to see done please sound off in the comments below. Please do enter any Add Me requests here or they will be deleted. We have multiple Add Me pages in our Add Me menu at the top of the site or by clicking here.

Superhero Event Splash Screen




Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

What Changed

Premium Walkthroughs and Guides


28 thoughts on “Superheroes

  1. So… should I buy more zenith city items or save the currency for whatever is coming? Ive got enough to buy another 1 of everything.. and more of some.


  2. Hey, ‘apparently’ Herb Powell has been found in the files (Not just speech) If he does come I doubt he’l be level 51 mainly because we only recently received level 50 but is this true, what do you Think?


    • yes it was me that found him lol it’s in the what changed with The Homer article.
      we don’t know yet but he’s probably coming soon
      for the other comment i deleted it cause they’re all in the article about unreleased content (part 4).


  3. At 90 D, I’m undecided about Fruit Bat Man. Can you tell me what non-event tasks are visible? Thanks.


  4. Ive collected enough for the krusty super hero costume and it says I’ve own it, but it hasn’t showed up on my krusty costumes, how do I go about fixing this?


  5. Hi all, thanks for all the great info!

    Can anyone tell me (I may have nissed it somewhere) how often the criminals respawn and how many there can be before they stopped respawning?



  6. Could you tell me if Plopper, Pie-Man, Fallout Boy and Prex are the ONLY characters that have tasks to drop the current issue’s currency? THANKS!!


  7. The link for ‘Superheroes Event: Premium Questlines Walkthrough – Plopper and Petroleus Rex’ is broken.


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