After almost 4 years of unadulterated, addiction-fueled tapping and maintaining our virtual wonderlands by keeping it clean and free of criminals, Robert “Sideshow Bob” Terwilliger has come to unleash his fury against us. And he’s not alone. Bob arrives with the Terwilligers Event of 2015 as a playable character along with the entire Terwilliger clan and we can’t be more excited. It wouldn’t be Bob without chaos, mutant plants, Monsarno and lots more deviously exciting goodies. Are you looking for Terwilliger Event posts? You’ve come to the right place. As the event develops and progresses any and all related articles will be posted here to help all of you navigate this first of its kind event. It is a work in progress as we are adding as the event progresses.

ATTENTION: The links below contains SPOILERS about the event and future content.


Pre-Release, Spoilers, Announcements

The Terwilligers are Coming!!

Terwilligers Event 2015 is Now Live!!

Willie’s Tractor released!

Rolling Rock, Five Corners and Captain Bob released and Rakes Sale started!

Act 3 – What Does the Final Act Have in Store for Us?

Rad-ish Station, Pet Mutant Seedling and 3 Returning Items Released!

Takedown update has been released!

Overview / Kwik-Tap Guide / Walkthroughs

Act 1 Kwik-Tap Guide

Act 1 Walkthrough

Act 2 Kwik-Tap Guide

Act 2 Walkthrough

Act 2 Personal Prizes Kwik-Tap Guide

Act 2 Personal Prizes Walkthrough

Act 3 Kwik-Tap Guide

Act 3 Walkthrough

Act 3 Personal Prizes and Craftables Kwik-Tap Guide

Act 3 Personal Prizes and Craftables Walkthrough

Takedown Kwik-Tap Guide: Cecil and Sideshow Bob Post-Event Questlines

Takedown Walkthrough: Cecil and Sideshow Bob Post-Event Questlines

Premium Event Guides

Gino Underdunk Terwilliger Premium Kwik-Tap Guide

Premium Walkthrough: Gino Underdunk Terwilliger

Francesca Terwilliger Premium Kwik-Tap Guide

Premium Walkthrough: Francesca Terwilliger

Captain Bob Premium Kwik-Tap Guide

Premium Walkthrough: Captain Bob

Willie’s Tractor & Barechested Willie, Rad-ish Station and Giant Grasshopper Premium Kwik-Tap Guide

Premium Walkthrough: Willie’s Tractor & Barechested Willie, Rad-ish Station and Giant Grasshopper

Brandine and Bare Chested Willie Premium Kwik-Tap Guide

Premium Walkthrough: Brandine and Bare Chested Willie

Premium Kwik-Tap Guides: Bob Clones and Rakes

Premium Walkthrough: Bob Clones and Rakes

Event Info / Prize Info

Character Groups and Task Guide

Act 1 Upgrade Techniques Guide

Cecil’s Daily Tasks Lenght

A Trick for Cecil’s Daily Tasks! (Update: Fixed)

Act 2 Upgrade Techniques Guide

Monsarno Research and Herbicide Squirter level upgrades impact on payouts!

Act 3 Upgrade Techniques Guide

Misc. Event Posts

Did You Know That…….?? – Terwilliger Edition (Pavement trick)


What Changed

Terwilligers Updates (April 14 and 15)

The Kids Are All Fight Update (April 22)

April 24th and 27th Updates (April 24 and 27)

Level 52 and Money Mountain Update (May 5)

May 7th and 8th Updates (May 7 and 8)

Mathlete’s Feat Updates (May 13 and 15)

May 21st Update (May 21)

Terwilligers Takedown Update (May 27)

Level 53 Update (May 28)


42 thoughts on “Terwilligers

  1. I love this game but events take way too long. I am bored with the Terwilligers now. Plus the events never end when they say they will. I quit for awhile because of lack of interest. Come on now EA are you running out of ideas?


  2. I’m confused about the end date. Act 3 ends in like 8-ish days, but the farmers lisence will still be sold for 9-10 more days. What is the end date for crafting?


  3. So how do you unlock Bob? Complete Act III? Why would they make the Captain outfit available before the character?


    • You unlock Bob in act two. He comes with the opera. Costume is not available until you have unlocked him. Finish Pushback pt 6 to start the opera (Quimby)


  4. What task (or quest line) or which character will unlock Dame Judith T? Right now there are 9 tasks open (including the one they throw in randomly which I’m ignoring at the moment), so I’m getting a bit overwhelmed with who should be free for what and when. The main ones open in my task book are Kruption, Malpractice Makes Perfect, & Dora the Endorser; so does she get revealed as a result of one of these so that I can focus on that one and get her placed? Or maybe she comes out in Act Three? Thanks!


    • Dame Judith is the final personal prize in act three. 16.050 Notes required to unlock her.
      Main (non event) is Dora the Endorser, preferably has to be done before the release of 53.
      Main event is The Soup Thickens, Pushback and Blessing of Guilt.
      M.mountain should be seen as aspirational, no time limit, takes a lot of time and a lot of money, so no hurry. Not everyone has the time and cash right now.
      Kruption is premium and can wait, same for Sushi Ralph.
      Malpractice, Slapstick, Minimum secure prison can wait too but I know most want it done, same with Seastudents.
      Main event line in act three will be Plantom of the Opera.
      Side lines in act three Clown of Music and Dame of the Grand – can wait


    • I think it jumps when you have enough resorces to craft an item. Most likely one of the Monsarno buildings can be crafted but I see no point in crafting more of the same building. An ! by the item also indicates that it can be crafted. Personally, I’ll wait with any crafting until act three when I have upgraded the Opera so the knives will be jumping a lot.


  5. My son is freaking out because he is at level 18 and needs Krabappel to finish the task to get Opera House and Bob. Any way around this, don’t think it is fair to punish new players because they aren’t as far along as the rest of us


    • As of now, there is no way to progress without Mrs K. All he can do is continue the mainquests and ignore the event stuff untill he is caught up. Why EA would do such a thing is beyond me, it was hard enough to get Bart at xmas when you just started the game and Mr Smithers(?) during the Stonecutters. Events should be designed for all players no matter what level but apparently not according to EA. Their loss as new players wont continue, not the first bad business move theyve made.


  6. My son is freaking out a little bit. He is only at level 18 and must get to level 22 to get Krabappel to finish the story line to get the Opera House and Bob. I don’t think he will make it to level 22 before the event is over. Any suggestions.


  7. Hey there again you guy’s got any cool info on what’s to come in act 3? New premium items, act 3 prizes etc? All I have left to do is save and craft the market and gas n grub.


    • Upgrading the Opera in act three, dna and theatermasks.
      Crafting the houseboat and some other cool stuff. Personal prizes includes a costume for Krusty and Bob’s mom. a premium costume for Bob will come too.


  8. I need help. I’ve gone to e.a. and origin, with no success.The only way I can access the game is to uninstall and install then I lose tasks I’ve already done. Ready to quit. This has been happening sense last update.


  9. will it actually be possible to complete the terwilliger collection considering Sideshow Bob isn’t actually collectable?


  10. “After almost 4 years of unadulterated…..”
    Four years, eh? 🙂 You must have had super secret access. Or are you going to hibernate for the next 10 months? Haha.


  11. Also—I play hourly— I do everything possible for max fertilizer/corn/spades, utilize all Monsarno jobs, visit neighbors, etc and the price of the springfield farmers market seems almost impossible! Anyone know why this is? and why they made it task to unlock it first when it’s the most expensive? Thanks Topix


  12. Does anyone know when more upgrades will be available for Monsarno research? I’m at upgrade level 7 right now and it says “continue act 2 story line for more upgrades”. Not sure if act 2 just hasn’t been released yet or if I’m doing something wrong. Thanks


  13. Hi

    I was just wondering if you have a list somewhere on this wonderful site of Cecil’s Terwiliger’s daily tasks, so that readers can plan ahead and make sure they have the right characters available to complete all the tasks within the 24 hour time frame?

    Many thanks ! :’)


  14. I’m having problems downloading the free Monsarno Research building!! It will not let me place it anywhere. Is anyone else having this problem?? Please help, so upset!!


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