Thanksgiving 2013

Howdy Tappers!

This page is for the collection of posts on the Thanksgiving 2013 mini-event.



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Thanksgiving 2012


11 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2013

  1. I’m on the Christmas version of tapped out does anyone now a fast way to get spin tokens without spending donuts or waiting 24 Hours to only get ONE!


  2. My game doesn’t start up after this update, it keeps on asking for the update wich already is installed! Please help!!


  3. Hello. How can I get the investorettes task to start? I have had all players open and can’t seem to prompt the task. I want the pita flita!


    • Pt 8 Lisa kicks it off and requires her and Homer for 6h Pt 9 Homer starts and Lisa and the Chief is required. The final part is prompted by Lisa and Springfielders will live it up’ at the casiono, at least ten of them!


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