Treehouse of Horror 2015 (Treehouse of Horror XXVII)

Once again friends, on this beautiful 6th day of October 2015, EA has reigned supreme, with the hugely anticipated release of the next installment of the Tapped Out Halloween update series. Yes, at long last, The Treehouse of Horror 2015 Event is now upon us with a brand new storyline, new Halloween inspired prizes, craftables and most importantly a new army of undead beasties hell-bent on scaring the bajeezus out of the citizens of New Springfield. For those just happening upon our site or new players here is a «Topix Tidbit» of the event’s storyline:

From the zombies of 2012 to the soul possessing ghouls and ghosts of 2013 and the face-sucking Rigellian teenagers, 2015 promises to be a game-changer with its evil swarm of….well… more zombies, disco dancing, moonwalking zombies. The freak show doesn’t end there. This year they’ve upped their “fear factory” and called in recruits in the form of shapeless Terrors, Star-Spawns (whatever they are), Snakes, yup, I said SNAKES! And much much more. These Nightmares, as they are called, spawn from an evil deity that awakens when the kids of Springfield unknowingly burn ancient, alien driftwood in their beachside campfire. This, my friends, is a MEGA T.H.O.H event! It’s as if EA took all previous Halloween events, combined them into one and sprinkled that with LSD. (Licorice Soaked in Duff for all of our under 18 readers : ) )


With SO much going on in our virtual worlds right now with the launch of this event, things can very easily get jumbled up as you scramble to figure out how in the world to play through and you end up overwhelmed and very angry even missing many awesome event prizes.

This is where your favorite monster-busting team at TSTO Topix come into play.We do the hard work for you and break down every image, inch and pixel of the game’s updates to provide you with all of the tools you need to navigate, complete and most importantly, obtain the rewards you so desperately seek. Do not put a single finger on your town without first coming here and obtaining every thing you need to know.

The goal of this page is to provide players a one-stop destination to easily find every article pertaining to the Treehouse of Horror 2015 Event. This will include guides, walkthroughs, Act Overviews, prize spotlight guides, etc. In a nutshell, if it is a part of this epic event it will have a post specifically dedicated to it or be contained in a multiple item/subject post all organized and linked here. If you are having trouble, need an answer to something and do not see it on this page please sound off below and let us know We will be constantly updating and adding to the page so check back daily.

Enjoy and get those Nightmare-wrecking fingertips moving!


Event Navigation/Event Mechanics/Overviews/General Info

This section is reserved for the Act Overviews, posts regarding the various menu’s, currencies, etc. Crafting Prizes, Crafting Instructions, etc. all will be listed here.


This section is reserved for all the glitches EA mastered to implement in the game with this update.

Event Kwik-Tap Guides

This section is reserved for the text-less kwik-tap guides of the questlines, premium, freemium, prizes, etc. all will be listed here.

Event Walkthroughs

This section is reserved for the walkthrough guides of the questlines, premium, freemium, prizes, etc. all will be listed here.

Informative Posts

This section is reserved for the changes, conform-o-meter, etc. all will be listed here.

Halloween of Horror

This section is reserved for the episode tie-in.

Treehouse of Horror XXVI

This section is reserved for the episode tie-in.

New User Power Ups

This section is reserved for the New User Power Ups feauture.

Halloween Promo

This section is reserved for the Halloween Promo.

This page will essentially come to life as the event progresses. It is currently classed as <Under Construction> Please be patient as we fill it with everything you need to know. Please use the comment section below to voice pressing or urgent questions and issues.


34 thoughts on “Treehouse of Horror 2015 (Treehouse of Horror XXVII)

  1. When will takedown be live? It’s 12:22 pm here in Washington State and it hasn’t happened yet? Do I need to manually update?


  2. I have received all prizes available for the Halloween game, so I am wondering, am I able to do anything with the candy apples I am still receiving or are they worthless? In the past you would get donuts when you were all done collecting the prizes, but there doesn’t seem to be anything offered this time. Just wondering if I am missing something!


  3. I need skelletons and rabbits so I put al my kids to work in the brown house… for the third time I only get snakes and zombies… no rabbits or skelletons!

    What am I doing wrong? Or is the game messed up….


  4. I am trying to upgrade my campfire. I am at level 32: i managed to tap 34 squeletons after several days, need 200. Number only goes up when i tap skeletons spawned from nightmares at brown house. It does not count when i tap the spawns in my town or when i visit other towns. Any suggestions?


  5. I need skeletons for the task to get 20 donuts, but can’t seem to produce any skeletons. I have sent the kids to the brown house that have the skeleton simbel by them – but they produce bunnies instead


  6. I’ve ran the campfire “snake” upgrade twice. No snacks spawning. Keep getting “your town is full of nightmares” notification but my town has none. Any suggestions?


  7. Hi does anyone know what the “formless terrors” do? How they help in other towns as really not sure wether to leave them in all towns or just in those that I need items for upgrade on the campfire, I know when I catch them in my town I get things just not sure what I get for leaving them in friends towns, thank you in advance for any help lilacliz x x


    • They reward crafting resources. Hard to know who needs them most but those who didnt play last year need to craft Hugo and UBO definitly needs them.


      • Thank you, I leave five in every town everyday but couldn’t work out what I get from leaving them in towns with different terrors? Lol very confusing oh well I will just keep leaving them everywhere x x


  8. How do I get Acorn Kirk and Squirrel Luanne? When I send them on jobs to Everscream Terrace I see them but their costumes are blurred out. Is this a glitch?


  9. Hi I log in to the game and it says a track is placed in my inventory. When I click ok it kicks me out of the game completely.
    Any ideas y plz
    Thank you


  10. I can’t level up my campfire.The counter is frozen and does not give me credit for the nightmares I tap.


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