Valentine’s Day 2014

Welcome to our new page for the current Valentine’s Day 2014 Event. All posts pertaining to this event can be found here. Please use the individual posts for commenting unless you have a pressing matter. We hope you enjoy spending the event with us here at TopiX and find the info you need!


Pre-Update Info, Spoilers, etc.

Update Info




Valentine’s 2014 Premium Guides

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22 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day 2014

  1. Hi by any chance u giving any other free stuff like the tent for valentines day can’t seem to get it I’ve got everythink else over 4 or 5 times and it doing me head in now


    • WE do not give anything. We are just a blog that helps people enjoy the game. EA is who gives us the game and freebies. However I wouldn’t count on anything else being given away for this event.


  2. Not sure if this has been covered, but aside from the main quests, which characters can earn additional hearts? Ned can sing, Cletus’ farm grows roses, millhouse can follow lisa. Are there any additional ways characters can earn hearts? Thank you in advance.


  3. Hi, because i have completed the wheel,is it better to keep spinning or save up hearts ? Is there a chance they will be transfered to money or something? Thanks


  4. When we visit our friends and tap on their characters, we get hearts. I notice they go from 5, to 4, etc…. I am finally at 1 of… now after doing all of that. I have more to visit for hearts, but I get the message…”You earned max number of hearts for today, still come back for $andXP”
    So this is a 24 hour thing for collecting hearts at your neightbours? So if this happened at noon, I should not visit my friends until the next day at noon so I can collect the hearts… I visit earlier, then I miss out on hearts. And not sure if my neighbours get hearts of handshakes?
    EA sucks! We are limited to 24 hour visits, now another 24 hour based on our hearts…. duh!


    • Well, 4 hours after this post, I can now send and I am now collecting hearts. Really don’t understand…lol


    • Seems disingenuous but it’s not. In total you can collect 600 hearts per day, which equals three spins (the same as Xmas event was). Don’t let those unused 1 heart clicks go thinking you will make up later, you are only shorting yourself and others who would get 2 hearts per visit click.


  5. If this was covered but I missed it sorry… Do you have a rough idea how long the event will last? Obviously minimally through the 14th I figure but I was curious if a end date was in the files. That way if we are getting close and have not gotten the KL tunnel of love we can decide if we want to buy spins on that blasted wheel to give it one last go.


  6. Since the Valentines day event has started all my characters now walk under some of my houses when they walk down the street, I also noticed that some of the buildings are layered incorrectly ie a building behind is over lapping the building infront. Will there be a fix soon or is it just my map?


    • First, it’s not just you. Lots of players including myself are experiencing the issue. Second, as far as a fix, we have no idea what plans EA have for any releases or updates or fixes. I’m thinking it will only be for the length of this event and that it has something to do with the Valentine’s Day cards but I’m not sure. I think that is what’s causing it.


      • since the update, if I try to add a piece of land or water, try to change it, it takes almost 2 mins for that task to happen when in re-design mode. Just sits there…. wait… finally happens. Town loading time is so slow. Never like this before. Even looked at my tablet settings, it is on high performance. Oh well, Happy Valentines day to all.


      • mine is taking like a minute to build a line of road since the update too, something is funky with the builder.


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