Wild West and Whacking Day 2016

Howdy partner! I reckon you have come to this here watering hole with some questions. Good thing ya did cause here we don’t serve up no spirits, instead we serve up some of the best dang Tapped Out information this side of the Mississippi. The first ever Wild West event has dropped and with any event comes a lot of questions. We don’t want our fellow kinfolk to be all confused like a bag of nails so like every event we dedicate this here page for anything Wild West related. Every post on this here event will be found here all nice and pretty-like. If’n you see anything missing or request a specific post please feel free to sound off in the comments. So git on in yer games and have a good ol’ time now ya hear!

Wild West Splash Screen

To help you understand, navigate and most importantly ENJOY this event, we try our best to break down the entire update line by line, image by image and so on. Every article published on Topix that pertains to the Wild West Event will be found here as a collective one-stop help guide. This way you don’t have to take any more time away from tapping than you absolutely have to by mindlessly scrolling through our home page trying to find that one article you need, they’re all HERE!


As always this page is a constant work in progress and will be updated as each new article is published. If you need help and do not see a post pertaining to your struggle, please feel free to comment below or contact us by email: tstotopix@gmail.com


At the end you can also find informations on the Whacking Day 2016 mini-update!


Enjoy and thank you for continuously giving us reason to keep our beloved site alive!


Event Navigation/Event Mechanics/Overviews/General Info

This section is reserved for the Act Overviews, posts regarding the various menu’s, currencies, etc. Crafting Prizes, Crafting Instructions, etc. all will be listed here.


This section is reserved for all the glitches EA mastered to implement in the game with this update.

Event Kwik-Tap Guides

This section is reserved for the text-less kwik-tap guides of the questlines, premium, freemium, prizes, etc. all will be listed here.

Event Walkthroughs

This section is reserved for the walkthrough guides of the questlines, premium, freemium, prizes, etc. all will be listed here.

Informative Posts

This section is reserved for the changes, conform-o-meter, etc. all will be listed here.

Whacking Day 2016

This section is reserverd to the mini-update for Whacking Day 2016.


19 thoughts on “Wild West and Whacking Day 2016

  1. Does someone know where I can find Gils offer after declining the first pop-up?
    First I found it in the building menu, but now it seems to be gone.
    My menu:
    – Left: Goto Wild West
    – Middle: Buy Googolplex
    – Right: Other premium stuff


  2. Ummmm…I came in here with a clean mind…but is it just me or those boulders and rock formations appear…well..”unusual”?…. “You made me swollen my gum!!!” 🙄🤔


  3. In the wild west: today the game gave me act 3 instead of act 2, easter egg quest, cleaning marge quest, drinking questnfor st pattys day and a halloween quest?! What in the wild west is going on here? To confusing.


  4. Can somebody tell me how to get the coach with homer?
    I have got the bloodbath sign but no coach
    Have I missed something?


  5. So, in Act 2 will we no longer be collecting hats and pick axes? Looks like they are adding a new item to collect every act. Do the clues carryover to the next Act, or do we just lose or use them to get bonus donuts?


  6. I bought the land expansions, but apparently someone at EA neglected to program it to allow you to place roads and all on the new land. I can place buildings, decorations, etc. on it, but not roads, dirt, etc.


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