Winter 2014

The following page lists the link to every article we have written about the first ever, 2-part Christmas Event of 2014. Rather than have our readers waste time scrolling forever through our archives they are all neatly organized here. The Christmas Event 2014 is the first ever Tapped Out event to activate in two phases essentially making it to separate events. Each phase had its own main quest line, unique prizes, timed releases of old items, currency, etc. We have done and are doing our best to help you navigate and enjoy each phase the best way possible. If you feel a subject or particular post is missing or you would like to see done please sound off in the comments below. Please do enter any Add Me requests here or they will be deleted. We have multiple Add Me pages in our Add Me menu at the top of the site or by clicking here.

Christmas 2014 Splash Screen

Phase 1 – Pre-Event

Truckusaurus – Gil Deal

Bye, Bye Birdie! Next Update Preparations

Release Info

Christmas 2014 Is In the App Store!

In-Game Update – December 5th

What Changed with the Christmas 2014 Update?

Phase 1

Christmas Calendar Phase 1

What Changed with the December 9th In-Game Update?

Jingle Bell Wreck Kwik-Tap Guide 

Santa’s List – Daily Tunnel Tasks: Complete Guide

Server Issues

Fed Button – Complete Guide

How Do the Christmas 2014 Phase 1 Items Affect the Conform-O-Meter?

Update 12/22/14 – Holiday Promo Teaser / Gil Deal

Merry Christmas!

Winter 2014 Phase 1 Prizes Questlines

Phase 2

Christmas Phase 2 is Around the Corner!

Xmas Phase 2 & Gil’s Holiday Donut Deal Are Now Live!!!!

In-Game Update! Christmas Day Bug Fix

Christmas from EA! Log in Today for Free Stuff!!

“Unfortunately, Tapped Out has stopped” – Major Xmas Issues

Ice Palace and the Princess Nerd

Winter in Krustyland

Last hours for Costington’s, Santa Flanders and Gil’s Donut Offer

Project After-Party

Winter 2014 Phase 2 Prizes Questlines

New and Old Limited Time Items in the Store!

Phase 2 Guide: Daily Play Combo, Prize Daily Chart, Friends visits and Scoreboards

Cannon Control Building Guide: The Cannon Upgrade!

Winter 2014 Premium Kwik-Tap: King Winter and Stupid Sexy Flanders

Sideshow You, Where Are You?

Part 1 Prizes Now Obtainable by Rushing… With a Lot of Donuts!

Last 24 Hours for Classic Episodes items

New Offer in the Event Store! Phase 1, Returning & New Items

When will the event end?

Last 23 hours to get prizes!

What Changed with the January 13th update?

New Years 2015

Happy New Year from Topix!

New Year’s Fireworks: New Years Eve 2014 Promo and The Italian Grenadessance!

New Year, Same Server Issues!

Happy New Year! Best New Year’s Day Ever! Also expiring items!

Merchandise: Classic Episodes… Not so Classic… New returning items in the store

Last  20 hours of Fireworks


New app update (4.12.5) available!

A look back at the event

What Changed with the Holiday takedown update?

Spoiler Content / Possible Future Content

Spoiler: Unreleased Content (Part Four)

Spoiler: Unreleased Content (Part Five)




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