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TSTO Topix was built out of the ashes of a once great, pioneering Tapped Out blog called TSTO Tips. Tips was legendary in its delivery, topics and question-and-answer method of helping players learn every aspect of this game and to ultimately enjoy playing it more. Mike S, Topix’s founder and owner, was one of only 3 admin to help build Tips to the mighty behemoth it became before it’s untimely demise during the Summer of 2013. In a matter of days and taking along the remaining staff additions and readers, Topix was built with one sole purpose, to help people.

Since its birth, Topix has seen many ups, downs, staff changes, etc., but all the while the same principle has always held true. We do this because we enjoy helping others to love a game and the family it is built upon as much as we do. We do this in our spare time alongside our own life obligations such as jobs, families, home duties, extracurricular activities, etc. No matter what it takes or who, the pledge this site brings to you is: As long as Tapped Out exists, so will Topix. It’s been a wild journey thus far and we encourage all of you to stick around for what is to come.

We also very much embrace the many other great websites, blogs and forums dedicated to the game specifically as well as gaming in general. They are all considered our friends and you can find a direct link to each one at the bottom of this article. We try to keep it as accurately updated as possible. If you know of a site that isn’t listed here or if one needs updating please feel free to give us a shout and let us know.

Here is the current list of active admin at Topix:

Mike S – Owner/Founder/Head Admin

minicha – Head Moderator

Additional roles in the Tapped Out community:


Also known for:

  • Well known Italian YouTube channel

Additional roles in the Tapped Out community:

HappyTapper – Editor

Additional roles in the Tapped Out community:


Tapped Out Friends

We would either be absolute fools or flat out lying to say that we do not use other sites for reference, to compare notes as well as to actively read what they have to offer as fans ourselves. A lot of our friends are members and/or admins to other sites and we would like to extend our allegiance to them by using this page to link to our friends at other equally awesome sites for The Simpsons Tapped Out. Hopefully anything you can’t find here you will find at our friends sites. We are not in this to compete and steal or take away from other valuable sites. If you have a reputable Tapped Out site and don’t see it here please comment below and we will add it. Call it the Tapped Out phone book!

TSTO Spoilers (Mike S is an admin)

TheAdiposeTV – YouTube Channel of our good friend.

Simpsons Tapped Out Wiki

WikiSimpsons/Tapped Out

EA Tapped Out Forums

Our Flickr Group

tappedout on Reddit


spAnser’s site –

The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts

TOuk Blog

TSTO Fan World

Tsto Spoiler Leo Timoniere



157 thoughts on “Topix Staff & Friends

  1. Didn’t know where to post this, but you’re posts on tumblr don’t always work properly.
    Not that I care cause I’m just happy I get the update on there and I’ll click the link to this website, but maybe you do care and hadn’t noticed it yet. So just to let you know! Thanks for existing 🙂


  2. Zombiedad47,
    I had the the same problems last night with the program crashing — thanks for sharing.



    • Mrfy, Nathan and Jason got new jobs. Flint, RC and Mickus couldn’t find the time nor the inspiration to write.
      Mike is here, though not that often. Life has to come first. I’m here multiple times a day but I only moderate and answer Qs. Lets is the most prolific poster right now and we’re so happy to have him 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  3. I use Apple and I am having problems with my characters “disappearing” when I try to assign them a task have you heard of this problem with Apple – has been going on for about a week


  4. Can you tell me if they are going to release more land — I am having to store buildings whenever there is a new event — cannot be creative with my town development either. I am on level 51


    • we don’t know unfortunatly. only ea knows when they’ll manage to release more while preventing crashes and freezes. there’s a problem now with the new android release they’re probably dealing with


  5. can anyone tell me how to add my age to reactivate my account using bluestacks. mouse nor keyboard seems to work. I got my age there once somehow but it will not allow me to accept conditions. Is there a virtual keyboard?? please help


    • Hopefully a reader can answer you as none of us use bluestacks.
      Bluestacks is not an approved method by EA so Answer HQ nor EA will help.


    • His new job takes a lot more time and although we’re all happy for him we do miss him here. When he has the time he will come on and do the posts he loves to do: the stats, the what have changed etc
      Mike’s been trying to do them but his real life keeps him pretty busy too. I cant read the files so Im no help there.


      • is there a “how to guide” on reading the files? I definitely have the time and love finding out that information!


        • I’m sure there’s info somehwere on the web but we have never posted a distinct “how to” becaue it involves really getting into stuff I’m sure EA does not really want us getting into but the way the game is made have no choice. I have directions typed up though if you’re interested I could email them to you. Even on the EA forums no exact file info can be posted and we’ve always kind of had an unspoken respect to not publicize how to data mine their files. But with a PC and a few programs it’s easy.


  6. I’ve been using this site for a while now,although this is only my 2nd comment.I wanted to say thanks to you all for taking time to help out,I love The Simpsons Tapped Out,and this is my favorite site to go to for the game:)Happy tapping everyone!!:)


  7. Hi, I was wandering if you could add my twitter account to this page? It is @Tsto_Spoilers thankyou.


  8. So glad I finally found this site. I remember you, mike s. and rcsprinter, from Tips. I stopped reading forums for awhile but finally found Topix and I feel like I’ve been reunited with old friends. Thanks for your hard work, tips, and information. Keep it up guys, the community appreciates it.


  9. Best Tapped Out Site Ever! Ever since the downfall of tips, I started to use all three tapped out blogs that I knew of (Topix, Game and Addicts). But this site has been the most reliable one. This site does not rush getting out the content and as I’m a non-premium player it feels like we are completing the level together at the same pace! You always have the best speculation posts and it was an amazing idea to see TSTO TopiX Extra become a spin off site for speculation posts! You guys have the best way to interact with the social side of your site (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, BBM and much more!) This site has been a great help and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this amazing site. I hope this site at least lasts longer than the old one. BEST TAPPED OUT SITE EVER! WHOOOOOO!


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