Your Ideas for EA

Hi guys.

We understand that many of you have ideas and wants for the game we all love but please understand the we are not EA and the influence we have on what makes it into the game is no different to their own forums. With that being said, we also know that EA are starting to listen to us, the consumer, and they do read our site so we decided that if you have any good ideas of what should be added to the game, please comment below.

Please keep the ideas sensible and related to the game. This includes characters, buildings, decorations, skins, Squidport, Krustyland and general ideas to the game.

We also understand that EA are aware of land issues already as they have mentioned that more land is on the way in a future date in a previous dialogue.

If you have any technical problems or purchase problems, we unfortunately can not help so it is best to contact EA directly with the subject as urgent explaining your problem and they will hopefully get back to you quickly to fix the problem efficiently and effectively.

To contact EA, please follow Minicha’s guide via our Contact EA post.

If you have any ideas for the site, (i.e. polls, posts, improvements to the site or general ideas) please click (or tap) on the link to our Your Ideas page.

Thank you to everyone for the support and hopefully EA will use this page too.



151 thoughts on “Your Ideas for EA

  1. My idea is for Friendship Points to become permanent and for there to be a Friendship Point store in the build menu, like how Springfield Heights items take different currencies.
    What you would be able to purchase would be past limited time items that you missed. Most likely just craftable, cash purchasable or prize track items.
    Japanese Maple – 50 FP
    Ice Fence – 75 FP
    Bandit Snake – 1000 FP
    Cinnabun Store – 2000 FP
    Donut – 250 FP
    I have donut in there because I average 1.5 donuts a day from visiting friends and I don’t want to take that away from players who are good about visiting their neighbors and don’t need more trees in their town.
    Any comments or suggestions?


  2. A second Stonecutter Event. This one revolves around the kid’s and the Stonecutter Daycare.

    Seriously, not 1 kid has a task that sends them to the Stonecutter Daycare.

    Bart would start it. He find’s a forgotten box at the Stonecutter Daycare that has Stonecutter Robe’s in kid size’s.

    So Yes. Some kid’s WILL get a costume/skin that is Stonecutter.


  3. When making purchases, I find it too difficult to have to scroll through all the items to look for one thing in particular. I think a recent items suggestion and a search box would be helpful. The categories helped somewhat but some categories are so broad it takes quite a bit of time to search through them all…and when buying multiple you have to scroll from the beginning again.


  4. I really wish they would add a greater variety of houses. Pink, purple, blue, and such keeps things limited. More variety would be great.

    I’d also prefer more tree variety.


  5. I would love to see more land available for purchase. Also Springfield heights is kinda small, and expansion would be awesome. All these new things to buy, and nowhere to put them.


  6. I have a number of suggestions for TSTO:
    1. Having different bridges (eg. a trestle/truss bridge, a walking bridge, suspension, etc.) to purchase at the store
    2. Having sidewalk sections in the store
    3. Having walking paths and creeks (like rivers, but half the size) in with the roads
    4. Having bridges for the cobblestone road and dirt roads
    5. Having a railway in the game
    Like if you agree!


  7. I personally wish there was more available in krustyland, such as more rides. They could even move rides from dizzneeland episodes into krustyland, such as the let-go loop and the Cool Zone, and maybe even have Larry Burn’s souvenir stand (with his character, of course)


  8. I’d love to be able to place snow year-round for fever cabin and other winter items. Following that line of thought, I’d also like to be able to place patches of grass during winter updates.


  9. Personally, I’d love to be able to make custom folders for my inventory, so all my wintery items are in one place and I don’t have to go scrounging around for them.


  10. What would be awesome is if players had the option to spend donuts for Christmas decorations for EVERY single building structure and vegetation in their Springfield. I would literally spend 100s of dollars, if not 1000s! 😀


  11. This idea is designed to add incentive for players visiting their friends’ towns daily, acquiring a modest amount of donuts, and giving players a bit of hide and seek excitement.

    Each player is given 10 donuts daily to hide, in his Springfield or Krustyland, on any character, building, or decoration. Friends can tap up to 5 items to find donuts, plus the 3 already allowable tapping items, (equaling 8 taps per friends’ town.)
    If the friend taps on an item with a hidden donut, the friend acquires the donut. Friends may claim up to 5 donuts, per day. The player does not collect donuts from his own town.
    Donuts not found disappear when the game resets for the day, and 10 new donuts are reset for hiding.

    There are many friends linked to my Springfield; but, only 2 or 3 visit me often. Sad state. I visit my friends daily as I am able.

    I believe this would add excitement to the game, (hiding the eggs), and make visiting our friends’ towns desirable (gaining donuts.)

    Anyone agree?


  12. My new idea !

    Event “vacation and gangsters”

    Extension of the beach like the pier, and lot more with the sea.
    Connect the river with the sea.
    much larger springfield heights

    New characters:
    – Cienega from “kill alligator and run” and “New Kids on the Blecch”
    – Kid Rock from “kill alligator and run”
    – Ronaldo from “Blame It on Lisa”
    – Mav from “Changing of the Guardian”
    – Portia from “Changing of the Guardian”
    – Raoul from “Catch ‘Em if You Can”
    – Roz Davis from “Replaceable You”
    – Julia from “The Homer of Seville”
    – Annie Crawford from “Homerland”
    – Wayne Slater from “The Falcon and the D’ohman”

    – Homer and Marge from “Treehouse of Horror XXI, Master and Cadaver” or other clothes on the beach/holidays
    – Fit Ton
    – Selma from “The Real Housewives of Fat Tony”
    – Lisa the tourist from “Bart vs. Australia”
    – handsome Moe from “Pygmoelian”

    – Hawaii items from s16e06
    – Two Brothers mountain from Rio
    – Hotel from “Blame It on Lisa”
    – airport from “Catch ‘Em if You Can”
    – ruined house Simpsons from “At Long Last Leave”

    New animation:
    – Homer and Marge nude run from “Natural Born Kissers”

    Part 1
    Homer destroys house. He founds a family vacation at sea, to a family did not find out about it.
    Part 2
    Homer gets along with gangsters to rebuild the house
    Part 3
    Homer lies come to light , he has to save the family from the gang.


    • Homer the vacation gangster “Treehouse of Horror XXI, Master and Cadaver”.
      Homer in this part was like a real gangster, fits this this event. He fights with a shark, shot with a gun and riding rink
      Marge clothing is optional, any clothes on beaches,


  13. For the record, the EA Devs need to come out of their ivory tower and listen to the players. I just spent 2 hours in EA Customer Support chat, only to be told that EA customer support agents can’t even report the game issues that we tell them about to the developers. What’s the point of even going through the motions of pretending to have a customer support service in the first place? Just sayin’…


    • Development frequent the Official TSTO Forum. They do not visit EAs AHQ Forum.
      Chat suppoert is outsourced and their employees are very poorly educated about the games and routines to elevate cases. You’d do better via Call Back or Mail, though that is slower.


  14. The new feature to be able to grab more than one thing and move it, is just pure genius and what everyone wanted and needed! The only downfall is that you can’t move a line of fences in all 4 directions like you can when you pick up just one, just a quick little fix! Ps this is the only game I have ever stayed loyal to for 5 years straight, good job, seriously.


  15. I’d like to see branching monorail track pieces. Once placed you should be able to tap them to change the route of the train. Also. How about a monorail tunnel to get across the mountains?


  16. Let me just say that I like Krustyland, but it needs help. I would think if you are a player who likes to design your town, you don’t necessarily have a problem with Krustyland, but you also don’t really think about it at this point. Here are my suggestions to fix it.

    First off, I would like to see the steady addition of more of our characters to have access to the park. I think Lou and Eddie were the last ones. There is no reason not to have every kid be able to go.

    Second, give some characters animation for their tasks there, and not just a retread of things they do in the normal Springfield.

    I loved when the first couple events after the expansion had their major prize as a ride. I was hoping each event would do so. But then things just stopped being released for it. How about instead of a full blown level taking place there like the Princess Penelope level, when a new level is released in Springfield, the premium addition can be a ride and character combo for Krustyland? This would allow the addition of new characters like Disgruntled Goat and Tina Ballerina, but also not force people who will never like Krustyland into going there. Side note – 100 donuts for NPC mascots was a huge mistake; those should have been bundled with the first two premium rides, Eyeballs of Death and the mountain water slide.

    My final fix would actually give people a reason to send their characters there after they have built up the park. The introduction of a Lard Lad booth at which people can turn in their Krustyland tickets for a donut. Right now, people have no reason to send characters there to earn tickets, because the conversion rate to dollars is worse than if you had them in Springfield, but this would have people much more likely to send them there. You could even charge like 75,000 tickets for a donut if you are sending more and more characters there.

    Hope you like my ideas.


  17. Make it possible to buy with game money and not donuts the premium buildings and characters in the game after you reach a certain level. Ex. Once you reach and finish Level 59 make the premium items available for cash and not donuts.


  18. 1) When we visit and tap our friends’ buildings, give the same rewards we get from our own Springfield buildings. It would be an incentive to be the first into a friend’s town, and able to tap the most lucrative buildings for the reward.


  19. Here are a few of the ideas I’ve had for the game … Firstly it would be nice to have a search option in our inventory, given the number of items and size of our towns it can be hard to locate an item. The inventory search could take us to where the item is in inventory, or if it’s placed in our towns, to its location within our Springfield.

    The next major characters I’d like to see are Constance Harm, Sarah Wiggum, Mona Simpson, Wendell, Lionel Hutz, Rabbi Krustofski, Lewis, Gil Gunderson, Mary Spuckler, Ms Albright (Sunday school teacher) , E-Mail (nerd at Springfield elementary) Alice Glick (retirement home lady), Grady, Thad and Julio. Howard Jr.

    New character skins: Living Maude, Fit Tony, Uncle Moe (with Moe’s tavern skin), Astronaut Homer. Id also love to see old and young versions of several characters (like young Abe and Highschool Homer/Marge, grown up Lisa and Milhouse etc), Carpender Marge with a rollercoaster for squidport

    I’d love to see the billboard from the opening credits that cycles through random gags each time you open game (wouldn’t have to be all the gags, but a dozen or so would be fun, maybe some new additions to keep in theme with whatever event is on…)

    As for events I’d love to see a Firefighter event, Tracy Ullman Show event (original character drawing skins storylines from the original shorts) Astronaut event, Army Event (WW2 skins for Abe and Burns… could also bring back Jaspers baseball costume for that)


    • moe’s tavern skin for Uncle Moe is in the files but was transfered kinda to the Zoo.
      Deep Space Homer is also in the files of a Deep Space event.
      all other suggestions are cool and yes i’d LOVE the billboard!
      Fire department is in the files too since forever ago.


      • Haha yah j remember seeing rumours of those on here, the Tracy Ullman Show versions would be pretty awesome too 🙂


  20. My idea:

    New characters:
    Super-IQ Homer or smart Homer

    Homer from LA-Z Rider Couch Gag

    Homer Big foot s01e07

    Ned Franders from LA-Z Rider Couch Gag

    Marge with gray hair

    Abe Simpson soldier

    LIsa Madwoman from s04e17

    Mary Spuckler

    Wiggum with Jet pack from s26e16

    James Woods

    President Bush

    Carol Berrera from s27e11

    Mona Simpsons

    Skinner rebel

    Patty and Selma the cheerleaders

    New Event: beach party, future Simpsons, past Simpsons or the world of the apocalypse (from Simpsons: The Movie)

    New items:

    Simpsons jacuzzi from s20e14

    Homer first car


    • My new idea

      New characters:
      Selma from “The Real Housewives of Fat Tony”
      Homer the alpinist from “King of the Hill”
      Marge from “Sky police”

      New Event: Night


  21. I’d love to see skins for Moe’s…. all the different iterations he’s tried over the years….
    Meaux’s Tavern
    Flaming Moe’s
    Uncle Moe’s Family Feedbag
    Moe’s Pet Shop
    The Nag & Weasel


  22. I would like an event of Star Wars.
    Because there is a Star Wars movie coming up !
    I’m a fan of Star Wars.


  23. Make the tasks for Springfield Heights have more length variety like normal tasks, perhaps in the form of skins for the building, but it only changes the task time?
    and it can decrease in reward a lot, so 30 sec, 1 hour for 10, 4 hours for 20 etc?
    It seems ok in the event, but not such a big long expansion.


  24. The game it great with every new update it’s got to hand is to play! But last year in 2014 in August there was a clash of clones update! Dat was cul but will der be something similar this year in 2015! And also last year in 2014 when der was an Halloween update dat was spooky scary! So wats next to come 4 TSTO dis year in October 2015? More ghosts,aliens,skeletons or something completely different dat it will knock are socks off!


  25. I’d like to some 1×1 decorations in different colours. Specifically purple and blue. I like to make pictures in my town.


  26. A Mystery box rotation would be great. Periodically, like once a month, the contents of the Mystery box could be updated, so that each item would be winnable once in a while. Including limited time items, for the duration that they’re available to buy.
    Multiple people tasks should be made available from each involved character’s task list.
    To go with the “find idle” feature, a “find completed” feature would be nice. A tap takes you to the next Springfieldian with a thumb up.


  27. There is an abundance of event possibilities with single episodes, classics, usually with heaps of costume options. I forget my ideas now, but I’d like to see a Movementarian event!


  28. You should do a Simpson movie event.

    Possible characters:
    Russ Cargill
    Native American Woman
    Spider-pig( re-release)
    Green day maybe?
    EPA people for enemies( other possibility mutated squirrel)
    Possible Costumes:
    Moe as King of Springfeild

    Possible Buildings:

    The Simpsons Alaskan house
    Native American woman’s hut
    A Hard Place
    EPA hq( not actually in the movie, but still a good hub area)
    Done Depot( only mentioned in the movie)
    Crap Silo re-release
    Eski- moes

    Green Day Water Stage
    Don’t pollute lake sign
    Scissor lift
    Motorcycle sphere
    EPA stuff ( vehicles, signs etc)
    Sinkhole Sandbox

    A lot of possibilities. Anything I missed? (We could have a dome over our friends towns when you look at them in the friend menu)


    • Russ Cargill Big Screen would make a great hub! New tasks for Bart skateboarding naked, Abe rolling around outside. Hehe free donuts from Lard Lads every time Homer litters in the lake 🙂


    • As soon as they figure a way to implement it, it will come. Maybe a few devices will have the games revoked as “not compatible” disabled, so those devices needs to be replaced by a newer one if the tapper wants to continue to play but I assume that they are trying to minimise the number of devices that will have the game disabled.


      • I have a question and this seems like the best place I’ve found to ask it – ’cause it’s about land. I recently purchased all the available land – cost me big bucks, but needed space for monorail and was thinking in advance for Halloween. The problem is, ever since I did, it takes forever for the game to load. Friends (and family) tell me they can no longer “visit” my Springfield because it just locks up their screen. If they wait several minutes the might get in, but most give up before that. Have you heard of anyone else having this problem after land expansions? Kind of wish I hadn’t bought the land…


  29. I would love to see an Ingress-like event in TSTO. Check it out here:

    Possibly where players are tagged as blue or green teams (like the Easter event a few years ago with pink/blue eggs). Certain building could be identified as the blue or green portals. When visiting neighbors, your 3 taps would give you event cash and a bonus if you were able to create a Ingress field. Basically a triangle but each side cannot cross a link between portals. If EA implemented correctly, you would have to work with other neighborhood visitors to actually create or destroy fields.

    How ’bout it EA?


  30. Would be great to introduce the desert! I guess it could be an event like squidport but inteoducing west springfield! An area maybe on the right side of our citiy with desert instead of grass where placing mt carlmore, satan’s anvil, death mountain and so on! Come on ea! 😀


  31. Someone else made this suggestion, but I like it so here goes, make Springfield go into night mode in the evening and day mode during day. It would be cool to see the towns lights or lack of.

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  32. They should start making a night time update that changes with the time. It would be awesome to see what our towns/cities look like at night.

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  33. A button to assign tasks for a specific period to all the characters that can do it. For example, assign an 8 hour task to all characters that can do that and do not have a quest.


  34. I have been redesigning Krustyland lately and it needs to have to have some new features.
    1.A krustyland census maybe a lost and found area.
    2.Since you can turn K-land tickets into cash why can’t you do it the other way around? I was super low on tickets but had a bunch of cash so it was annoying having to constantly send characters on tasks.

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  35. Costume Boxes (Like character collections but for costumes.) It’s strange that the Clash of Clones and Stonecutter costumes have collections but not the rest. Also do what the family guy game did with facespace to spring face


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