Your Ideas for EA

Hi guys.

We understand that many of you have ideas and wants for the game we all love but please understand the we are not EA and the influence we have on what makes it into the game is no different to their own forums. With that being said, we also know that EA are starting to listen to us, the consumer, and they do read our site so we decided that if you have any good ideas of what should be added to the game, please comment below.

Please keep the ideas sensible and related to the game. This includes characters, buildings, decorations, skins, Squidport, Krustyland and general ideas to the game.

We also understand that EA are aware of land issues already as they have mentioned that more land is on the way in a future date in a previous dialogue.

If you have any technical problems or purchase problems, we unfortunately can not help so it is best to contact EA directly with the subject as urgent explaining your problem and they will hopefully get back to you quickly to fix the problem efficiently and effectively.

To contact EA, please follow Minicha’s guide via our Contact EA post.

If you have any ideas for the site, (i.e. polls, posts, improvements to the site or general ideas) please click (or tap) on the link to our Your Ideas page.

Thank you to everyone for the support and hopefully EA will use this page too.



157 thoughts on “Your Ideas for EA

  1. Easier inventory access is SORELY needed. I have to scroll for 5 minutes just to get to the end of the list. I’d like to be able to click on the scrollbar where I’d like to go (like any other scrollbar in the world) rather than having to scroll through the whole list.


  2. I think that you should be able to send your friends items from your inventory. On a separate account I have 3 Lard Lad Donuts buildings, and I would actually love to send them to my other friends.


  3. I think that all of the stuff in my inentory should either be sellable for money or experience. I have thousands of Springfield heights attachements that go unused because I don’t need them and things that I have received from events like castle walls as stuff.

    This would be a great way to gain experience and level up.



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